Your First car?

Discussion in 'General' started by Spitzz, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Didn't find a thread like this when I searched so I'll go ahead and say it.

    What was your first car?
  2. 1997 or (95 i dont remeber lol) geo prizm im pretty shure the thing had 93hp lol
  3. 1996 Dodge Intrepid.
    Had to carry gallons of water with me cause of the radiator, Had a two-by-four holding up the drivers seat, no headrests, just the metal bar sticking out. the tires would kinda wobble as you drove. 0 to 60 in about..3 minutes.
    But It never died. I DROVE it to the scrap yard.
  4. 95 Chrysler concord. Thing was sweet
  5. Dodge Dakota with the 5.2 liter guzzler.

    Do not buy American cars, they are a joke.
  6. Na dodge is just shitty
  7. The dodge intrepid and the Concord are like carbon copies.
    I bet that shit never let you down
  8. Audi.

    I love German cars.
  9. [quote name='"MrBananagrabber"']
    The dodge intrepid and the Concord are like carbon copies.
    I bet that shit never let you down[/quote]

    Hell yeah, thing was reliable as anything! That is until it was totalled.. Now I drive a does Taurus. Ugh
  10. Aw bummer
    I feel ya man, I'm in a 96 Toyota Avalon now. Leather-seats are fuckin freezing balls in the winter :mad:
  11. 2002 camaro, have that baby till this day. Love her
  12. 00 impala. Now i have an 07 impreza. so much better. Fuck american cars
  13. 1997 honda accord. Dopest car ever it even had a sunroof. The paint was a little rough when I first got it but besides that the car is perfect
  14. 1998 Dodge Neon. I had that thing in a ditch a few times and it still ran til I sold it.
  15. 98 PLYMOUTH Neon mothafuckaaaa

    hunter green. got me all the fine bitches.

    apparently people actually tune them. interesting.
  16. first car i ever drove? a 94 chevy 6.5 turbo diesel. first car i bought? 1996 jeep grand cherokee. first car i bought with my own money? 2004 dodge neon..*sigh* gotta build my credit up so i can get something nice. like a newish subaru :D
  17. It was a little red 1989 S-10 that I bought for $400 before spending an additional $100 or so on "accessories," such as new fuses and the insurance and other bullshit fees. I also spent a surprising amount on cans of red spray paint. Because when I bought it, that truck was primer gray. Fuck that. Red's my favorite color. It's my first car, fuck it. Spray-painted that bitch red and it looked great. No shit. I sold it for $500 a few months back.

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