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Your Favourite Way of Smoking a Roach?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 9D3, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. When I'm almost finished a joint, I like to stick the "mouth" of the roach in the pipe bowl's hole and smoke it. Still tastes like a joint, but doesn't burn my fingers and lips.

    What do you guys do?
  2. I make my roaches longer so i can finish the J and not burn my lips. Idk why, but the end of my joints normally fucking RIP and let out HUUUGE hits!! :smoke:
  3. I like to break it open and put it in a bong.
  4. i save all my roaches, then when i have a fair amount i roll it into a second generation joint.
  5. putting it into a waterfall
  6. stick it in the carb on my bowl
  7. Roachinator!!!
  8. I save em up for a bowl/bong session.
  9. Slide that roach right into the fork's tines and it'll take you all the way to the end.
  10. Break it open, toss the paper, smoke the weed in a piece, preferably something with water filtration.
  11. Haha, that's actually a great idea. Might try that next time
  12. i dont smoke bugs
  13. right when it starts getting to the point where it burns your fingers, stick it in a one-hitter and continue:smoke:
  14. Bust it open (carefully) and put the very sticky bud in my one hitter
  15. It depends on where I am. Usually if I'm smoking a joint, I'm out in the forest. In that case, I'll find a really straight twig, break it in half, and use it like tweezers to smoke my roach all the way down.

    If I'm home, I always break it open and bong it.

    My mom's the generation joint type. She uses her roaches as a safeguard against being dry. She'll pick up a quarter, smoke it all in Js, and if she can't get any more bud, she rolls joints with her roaches until she can re-up.

  16. I usually dont save roaches as when I smoke joints I am usually on the go.. So most of the time I toss them.
  17. I just don't pack it that far down.. simple solution.
  18. There wasn't a problem ;)
  19. Grav bong all day long
  20. I put them in my roach jar, and so does my friend. We're gonna save up enough roaches to roll a second gen joint. And once we get enough second gen joint roaches we're gonna roll up the all powerful 3RD GENERATION JOINT!!

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