your favourite snacks or munchies when high?

Discussion in 'General' started by barbie, May 24, 2006.

  1. haha, mine are bourbon chocolate biscuits and pack of walker sensations lamb mit flavour or roast chicken flavour. i like snack stuff like this cause i can get sooooo lost in eating it that i notice every crunch. lol!!! it's cwazy but i love it.

    phwoar!!! making my tummy melt.

    what are your favourite snack food when high?
  2. Booo! I was working on that av, whatever tho, yours is good.

    Pasta btw, pasta.
  3. See my weakness is food. I LOVE IT. hehe. I have various cravings, it depends on the mood.
    HOWEVER, my top are:
    -Blooming Onion

    -Cheesy Poofs

    -MY FAVORITE: Molten Chocolate cake from Chilis (im not a big fan of the place.. but the dessert.... HEAVEN!!)

    -Sub from Wegmans[​IMG]
    (this is actually a picture of wegman subs hehe)

    -THAI Spring rolls
    [​IMG]( ILOVE the dipping sauce they use)

    -Taquitos fried... IN BUTTER
    ^^ TheColonel makes the best Taquitos.

    These are the things I eat on a daily basic and I still weight 120. WHOOHOO. hehe

    Did I make you guys hungry yet? tehehe.
  4. [​IMG]

    Hershey's Sundae Pie from Burger King. Mmmmmmmmm
  5. anything, i will eat anything when i'm high, i ate cold pizza and it was delicious the other night, but if i had to pick a fav mucnie, it would have to a slurpee and chilli cheese dogs
  6. Chicken nuggets.
  7. Doesn't matter....whatever I can get my hands on
  8. Donuts...pizzza
  9. coffee and some crazy thing i invented. its steak, chees, sometimes shrimp and spices wrapped and fried in an eggrole wrapper.
  10. Magnums:devious:

  11. OMG CRAVING!!!!
    Im gonna go down and get a monster and those poofs!
  12. Cereal...anyyy kind of cereal is absaloutley mouth watering when I'm stoned, but my favourite is Cinnamon toast crunch..mmmmm Oh and i occasionally get massive spring roll cravings too..
  13. kung pow triple delight with egg rolls and won ton going to get some right now:wave:
  14. Thank you Colonel! The cheese poofs hit the spot, but oh my god!!! It says on my package that someone stole the cheetos recepie :eek: oh no! What will they do?!?!
  15. You have good taste my friend.

    Cheesy poofs are the bomb diggity.

    I had them for dinner last night...whoohoo...

    THEIR RECEIPE WAS STOLEN!?? What will WE do? Scew THEM! hehe.

    Cheetos cheesy poofs are the best i think.......
  16. Get some...

    sour cream and onion chips...

    with some dip, man.

    Some beef jerky.
    Some peanut butter.

    Get some Haagen Dazs
    ice cream bars. A whole lot.

    Make sure chocolate.
    Gotta have chocolate, man.

    Some popcorn. Bread. Popcorn.
    Graham crackers.

    Graham crackers with the marshmallows,
    the little marshmallows.

    And little chocolate bars.
    We'll make some smores, man.

    Yeah, that's what
    l was sayin', yo.

    Also celery, grape jelly, Captain Crunch
    with the little crunch berries.

    We need two big pizzas, man.

    Everything on 'em.
    With water, whole lot of water.

    And... Funyuns.
  17. for lunch on my second day off in a row I ordered-

    -Pizza hut medium extra sauce pan pizza with pepperoni.
    -Liter of Coke
    -i have a big bag of white cheddar popcorn
    -3 pds of candy I got from the candy store (mix and match)

    ...and a blunt for dessert.

    layin' around- reading the forums and book, enjoying life.

    Hell yes.

  18. I always just grab whatever i can find and make a big sandwich.

    Mayo, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, various lunchmeats, some garlic powder, a pickle, some cheese and i'm happy.
  19. I know I said this up there some where.. ^^ BUT do you have a Wegmans near you Rasta? They have THE BEST Sub sandwiches in the world. The bread is toooooo diiiieee foorrr... and it is relatively inexpensive.

    Wegmans is my favorite place. It is like a DISNEY LAND for food.


    ps. for those who like cooking as much as I do- they also offer cooking lessons.

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