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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Masta MeanGreen, Jun 16, 2013.

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    For me it's got to be dj premier- he's just produced so many crazy beats. People that are up there- j dilla, pete rock, nujabes and RZA.

    What do you guys think?
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    Dammit I was just thinkin about making this thread yesterday! :p
    You mentioned some good ones, but I might actually have to say Jam Master Jay.
    I also gotta throw in some EDM producers like Deadmau5, Pretty Lights, Tiesto, and Armin van Buuren.
  3. Oh yeah if we're mentioning those kinda producers i think MJ Cole's gotta be mentioned:
    Also I should of mentioned- they may not be regarded as the legends but- bonobo, Gramatik and blazo all have some very good shit
  4. if we mean producers as in guys making beats Blockhead, boom bip, and dan the automator are tops for me

    as far as other producers im a huge fan of Sonic Boom's work
  5. I love Gramatik and have only heard a bit from Bonobo but what I've heard is straight.

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    Rob Swire and The Polish Ambassador are my two personal favorites.
    OP have you heard this record yet? If not you really need to. Premo's best work was all with Jeru, not Nas or Guru.

  8. Sledgren. TGOD
  9. Yeah course brother- I'm a huuuggeee premo fan so I've crazy amounts of his beats. As such I've heard all his well known releases. I agree its crazy but some of the stuff with Guru... I mean:

    Also premo's work on illmatic is brilliant- the beat on Memory Lane is incredible. But you can also listen to his work with other artists:

    and even some of his tunes that were just released as beats:
    I could post more but I think this is enough haha. Don't get me wrong- I love the shit he did with Jeru- but in my opinion its not 'all' his best work- im not even sure if any of it is as incredible as some of his other tracks. But hey thats just me.
  10. Man I had a long ass reply for you, then I hit backspace one too many times and it deleted the wall of text and videos. Fuck it, I'm too stoned to operate this site. You posted some excellent examples.
    I never answered the original post, my favorite producer is Dj Screw.

  11. Haha i think thats happened to everyone on GC it's so fucking annoying. Yeah dj screw's sick.
  12. Dj quik, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Organized Noize, Pharelle, Just blaze, Premo.
    honestly....westcoast beats > eastcoast.
  13. Really? I dont prefer westcoast beats at all. I think my favourite style is the boom bap beats which is eastcoast. Also most of the guys you mentioned are eastcoast.
  14. Only just blaze and premo are from the east.......
    I just think westcoast beats are more musical. I like "boom bap" but prefer g-funk.
  15. Tough one. Apart from the already mentioned RZA, Dilla Pete Rock, I'd probably say dj Honda, marley marl, K def, Q-tip, Ali shaheed muhammed, large professor, diamond d, the beatnuts and da beatminerz are some of my favourites. 
    Rjd2 probably deserves a mention too.
  16. 9th wonder and apollo brown are dope too
  17. Yeezus, Pharrell, Clams Casino, Shlohmo, and Flying Lotus are doing it for me right now
  18. 9th wonder is brilliant, really liked the stuff he did with Murs and Little Brother.
  19. Clams Casino :cool:
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    Yeah my bad- I was high as fuck. What i meant is the a lot of them aren't from the west coast kanye's from Atlanta... Etc. Yeah I can definitely see where your coming from- they are more musical. But in my opinion if your looking for the most musical you would look at Far Eastcoast like Japan- nujabes... And I personally prefer that head bop that boom bap inspires.

    9th wonder is pretty good but he says that he's stopping to produce to completely transfer into music acedemia.

    Also I'm seeing apollow brown live at hip hop kemp- it's gunna be crazy.

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