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Your favourite pick up.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SEMS1, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. This is a place to tell a story about how you come across the
    best nugget you have smoked.

    Personally it was through this chick at my high school
    when i was 13 and from them i networked and have never
    had a problem since finding new people either.

    Well she hooked me up for the first time at 3am in the holidays
    hahaha it was stupid, me on my bike, it was fucking freezing.
    But when i got to the servo she was there so i grabbed it and
    the whole way i could smell it in my jacket.

    Got home, stared, and sniffed.
    Then sat there amazed for a bit
    Then, est session EVER. :bongin:
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    I was 15 and dating a girl from across town who went to an all girls catholic school.

    She lived in a little one-way-in one-way-out neighborhood and grew up with a guy her same age.

    They came over to my parents house and we couldn't find any weed from my friends. Oddly, he pulls out a sock full of pot. No joke.

    I was 15, didn't know schwag was schwag and dank was dank. Didn't know jack shit except weed = FUN.

    Anyhow, turns out his dad (disability) was growing it in their attic. Turned out to be Northern Lights.

    I've never hallucinated off any marijuana except the NL. Before anyone says it was laced, he later showed me the grow room and we'd steal from his dad.

    He'd give me a QP, I'd sell half for him(at $25-30 a quarter, mind you! Also to my 15-17 year old friends) and I'd keep half.

    I miss those days. I smoke too much now. Barely get high sometimes....

    I later broke up with her for some different pussy (wrong move) and we lost our virginity to each other and I kinda just left her. Six or eight months later she had a breakdown and told the neighbor about the grow-op.

    Everyone got arrested. Luckily, I was long gone. She's married now with kids.
  3. Haha that's pretty crazy man.
    How many plants were there?

    And weed in a sock, lol haha.

  4. My memory is pretty sketchy, it's been over a decade ago. I'd say 20-25. All of the homes in this neighborhood were at least 2 story, their house was 3 stories + an attic. It wasn't the largest on the block (10-15 homes) but it was one of the largest. It was a full hydroponic setup.

    Their house stunk. I didn't know that his dad grew until he told me, but their house always stunk. It was your typical $300,000 house (this is probably 2m+ in California) filled with $50,000 worth of stuff. Very suburban, very low key. Just....stinky. Me being young, I could never put 2 and 2 together until I was 'brought in', but I never communicated directly with his dad but he was a really cool guy. I got delivery pizza one night when they were gone (we'd hang out there b/c my girlfriend's house wasn't smoke friendly) and he came in and said "Volcano South, you saved my life!" -- his eyes were glowing. Looking back, they were amazing parents -- aside from the growop of course.

    The fucked up thing is we used to go down in the woods (all the homes had woods except 3 or 4 in the middle) and smoke out of a coke can (lol.... ::takes vape bag hit::) and we swore a cop lived in the neighborhood.

    He drove the previous generation Crown Victoria, white, no hubcaps, antenna everywhere. Plate read "ADMIN1". Had no idea what that was about. I dated her for almost a year so them getting busted was a direct result of her mouth.
  5. Here is the problem.

    Nah hahaha but yeh i love looking back on the old
    days man.

    Had some great times.
    One time we met this huge lebonese bloke.
    I thought he was some crazy bloke but i went to primary school
    with him and he recognised me 10 years later with a shaved head
    so he hooked me up for a long time then let the game and
    gave me his cousins number. still see him occasionally.

    Funnily enough i've never been caught with weed on foot.
    and i still hardly drive. Lol.
  6. My favorite pickup was nothing special just went to my friends apartment(he was dealing at the time) to pick up some bud. He told me that he had some shit called trainwreck i jokingly said "that shit must hit you like a train" minutes later i ripped his bong and was fucking wrecked. Ive had trainwreck since and it just doesnt seem the same.
  7. About a year and a half ago..... buddy showed up at my place with a brand new bong to surprise me, he obviously wanted to try it out for the first time.

    Unfortunately, I had absolutely no weed on me. We were both kind of disappointed at first, and we then proceeded to call every person we knew who could hook us up.

    After about 3 hours, we finally get a text back telling us to meet our friend in the parking lot of a nearby bowling alley.
    We get there and cop a dub of some shit called "Mars OG" (pretty sure it was a fake name, but I could care less).

    Drive home, pack it up, and BAM.
    THE most faded i've ever been in my life. That smooth, tasty smoke still lingers in my dreams every night. :smoke:
  8. My favorite pickup was at this music festival, Cave Fest. I was just walkin around trippin on mushrooms and just bought a bowl that had a hemp rope on it to go around my neck ready to be broken in with some dank.
    I met this girl holding a side bag obviously filled with jars of dank. I asked her what she had, and she showed me about 8 different strains. Then the last one she pulled out was labeled "Blue Mystic" and inside was the best nugget I have ever had. It was a solid nug weighing out at 3.0. This nug had a dark purple/blue tint covering all the bud with white crystals oozing all over. I smoked a bowl with the girl in her tent and complimented her on the stash many times.
  9. All good stories so far!
    Let's hear a few more :wave:
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    my first year in college i was 18. was going to a crappy school named Champlain right in burlington vt. I called my guy up to pick up some bud. he picks up the phone and goes "YO DUDE I GOT THE SICKEST BUD COME OVER NOW!" and hangs up the phone. I walk into his house and all I can smell is just skunk, from everywhere. I walked into his room and he's rolling a blunt. he turns around and goes "yo watch this" takes the nug and sticks it to the ceiling, and it stays there. I told him give me all of it, and he does. and we seshed like kings blunts to the face. he said it was Triple Strain. Sour Diesel x Northern Lights x some kind of Haze cant remember what type. easily the DANKEST weed i have ever seen or smoked. Trying to break it up was a pain because we lost our grinder to damn school room raids, and it was nearly impossible to pull your fingers apart. have never ever seen a bud that comes close to the dankness level of that nug hah
  11. #11 oldskoolgrower, Feb 20, 2009
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    Age 18. On the beach in Maui at a party. Nice bonfire, hot girls. I had some thai stick I'd brough with me (it was EASY to fly with it back in the 80's) and I ran into a local who had some Maui Wowie.

    I was in love. I wound up at the dude's house with his 70ish year old father (the dude rolled the best joints I've ever seen to this day). They had a refridgerator full of bud including some of the biggest cola's I'd ever seen, and I'd already been growing for years.

    The stuff was incredible. I've had stuff since that claimed to be Maui Wowie. It wasn't even close. My goal with my current breeding endeavors is to come up with a strain I like more. I'm getting close I think.

    EDIT: I almost wound up staying, not just because of the bud but because I met a girl too. I wound up going home but brought 2 oz with me :smoking:
  12. Haha nice man.

    Would have been some nice herb! :D
  13. It was fucking incredible.
  14. it was literally the scene from how high. i was with a friend and we had a grape swisher and a guy in a car near us (i had seen him at my high school) was smoking a pipe. so i walked over with the grape swisher and asked him if he had enough bud for a blunt if me and my friend payed him sum for the bud. so he rolled an amazing blunt of some medical OG Kush. I get medical bud now but nothing hit like this guys OG Kush. since then i smoke with this guy a lot. its funny how stoners meet
  15. Haha yeh i know what you mean man.

    Met SO many people who smoke, 60 yr olds who home brew alcohol haha.
    One dude does coconut rum and konyack haha.
  16. When I was 14 I went to my friends brother's friend who was 24, and makes a living off of dealing weed. It was New Years and I picked up legit G13. I couldnt even fuckin move after smoking a pinner between 2 of this bud.
  17. Officially the best pick up I`ve been a part of:

    17 years old trekking through the Hymalayas for 12 days with a group of Sherpas. It was December but we were a bunch of kids so we asked them where all the shit was growing - as we`d not seen any at all.

    10 minutes later a Sherpa comes bounding back with a local farmer.

    The guy opens up a LARGE full black bin liner full of bud.

    We all collectively stoner came and then the guy asked us for 1 DOLLAR for it all.

    We were like:
    Fuck mate, take 7!

    Had to throw most of it away cause we couldn`t smoke it all! Just rolled the Biggest joints all the time.

    No strain names were tossed about or anything it was just the most bad ass pick up cause we were all blown away with the situation and the farmer was really happy to have got so much for it all!

  18. ^^^ Would have been a Kush variant in that region. Lucky you :)
  19. Cool!
    We had no idea what it was - just enjoyed how potent the smoke was.

    I was so lean I actually understood how to win every single game of chess possible for about 3 seconds...

    ...then I lost it!:D
  20. 3 pounds to my name. :) Favorite pick up. All fucking primo buds too.. pushing it can go a loooonnggg wayy :smoking::smoking:

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