your favorite youtube game commentator?

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  1. okay i have seen lots of funny gameplay and commentaries and i have chosen my 3 favorite,
    1. Robbaz
    2. Penguinz0(gamertag is Cr1tikal)
    3. ALchestbreach
    what is your favorites? you can put as many as you want.
  2. Two best friends play.
  3. 1. (By Far) KsiOlajidebt (Does Fifa Vids/ Commentary, is extremely funny).
    2. SeaNanners (Obvious reasons why).
    3. TrenDKill (Does Skyrim Commentary).
  4. When I listened to them, I would say Seananners, Teebs, Woodys Gamertag and Hutch.
  5. Seananners, Robbaz, and iPwnstar4hire would be my 3. Sacriel if I want to watch DayZ commentary.
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    Fluffee, he is stoned most of the time lol.

    hes the only one i watch, i dont care for them usually just his...

    lol just checked out Robbaz, his Viking shit or what ever it is, is mad funny. watching this:
  7. H to the usky

  8. KYR SP33DY, MinnesotaBurns, Mr.TechnicalDifficult and a couple more
  9. Pewdiepiew
  10. Robbaz is funny as shit, haha.
  11. Elpresador, xcal, thatguywhocamps, thelonen00b, and jaieazy. Theyre mostly cod commentators but they post other stuff. Xcal is the best cod player on YouTube, the rest are funny and I like listening to them, xcal is funny also.
  12. Angry Joe is the best, watch him freak out.

    [ame=]Sonic Free Riders Review - Outright Broken! - YouTube[/ame]

    only guy i know who would review a game and video tape himself walking into the store to return I mean come on who would do that trololololo!!!!
  13. Angry video game nerd is pretty funny, all old school games he plays

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