Your favorite, top shelf strain to grow? Help me pick a strain to clone

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  1. Help me out please. I struggle with making decisions when there are lots of choices :-/...I'll spend hours and hours and hoooours looking over the options...decide on what I want...and then change my mind. :-/

    The attitude promotion is in 1.5 days.

    I want to pick 1 top shelf strain. My budget is around 100$, before shipping and stealth costs.

    A few ideas are SkyWalker Kush, 707 Headband, Super Lemon Haze, Bubba Kush(pre 98?).... But I dunno y'all. Too many fucking choices.

    I want a good strain that is not 'needy'. I plan on cloning it and running it for 10-12 months, like I've done with my Chocolate Mint OG.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. My wish list is Girl Scout Cookies, Bruce Banner, and a 50/50 cbd/thc strain like CBD OG or Midnight or CBD cookies. I'd love to be able to mix some higher CBD with my bowls if I want to. It's supposed to increase thc absorption rate in the brain to mix the two.
  3. GSC is a great suggestion! I think that goes to the top of my list
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  4. Grand Daddy Purple is a great one for a flavor change strain if you like having different stuff in your cabinet. It has a very unique flavor. One of the best tasting strains IMO.
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  5. How did you like the Chocolate Mint OG? I've had my eye on that for a little bit now
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  6. Love it. It's proven to be very very resilient to my many fuck ups lol....but after months and months of smoking it, I honestly can't even smell it anymore. My taste buds and nose have gone completely blind to it.

    Thankfully I've got some green crack that will be ready to smoke in about 3/4 weeks.
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  7. Used the flash, so the colors are a bit off, but they are better than if I had no flash.

    If you look at my grow journal you will see a big difference between this bud and my past buds. It's night and day. This 1k hortilux Super HPS is amazing.


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  8. Damn, nice sized colas. Looks good man, nice job. You sold me lol
  9. I'm hoping I don't lose it to bud rot...lost 3 other top colas to it a few weeks ago...I think I've got the humidity under enough control lol
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  10. I really liked lemon skunk from GHS. Probably the frostiest strain I've ever grown and the musky dank skunky pheno is the best smelling stuff I've ever grown too. Average growth, average yields..but the smell and high were top notch.
  11. Try cheese,white widow or lemon cheese thats mainly the stuff I get her in the uk:smoking:

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