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  1. Something that happened to you or to a friend smoking that was fucking hilarious at the time.

    The second time I got high, it was myself and two friends. We were all 15. We had bought the weed from my friend's neighbor, we were sleeping over at his place and we wanted to smoke so he had his dad to bring us to the local strip mall. Eventually we found a place to smoke, underneath a truck in a loading dock behind a PC Richard & Son. The bottom was so low that we practically hot boxed the underside of the truck and we started getting very baked.

    We left the roach for later and started walking around. Of course we got hungry and the first place we headed was Pizza Hut. It was just the three of us, a teen couple a few booths away, the staff and maybe one or two other people. The three of us were cracking up hysterically, nonstop--during the waitress's taking our orders and everything. While we were eating we started going off about stupid shit. EVERYTHING was hilarious. Two of us made fun of the third friend's braces and realized we both also had braces on at the time which caused us all to go into giggling fits. It got so bad that the couple left and the waitress disappeared halfway through her shift, leaving the manager to deal with us. When my friend went to pay the $30 bill, with $50 cash, he even asked for the change in $1 bills.

    Of course later on our way back to smoke the roach, a cop pulled up out of nowhere and started interrogating us, which killed our buzz. But overall it was one of the best times I've had high.
  2. LOL!!! A few times I’ve got high I forgot I currently have braces and was surprised they were there. Then I remembered I had them on. Rubber bands and all.
  3. Wow. Good job bringing this one back from the dead. How do threads like this even get found?
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  4. When I was 15 my cousin Bobby and I were already heavily into smoking. We asked his brother Michael( age 14) if he wanted to smoke for the first time with us. He agreed an we took off into the woods so we wouldn’t be disturbed.
    In these woods we would visit a spot with a 10 foot small cliff/drop. At the edge of that cliff was a tree where we tied a noose. Bobby an I thought it was fun to put the noose around your neck while the other pushes you out off the cliff where you would hang by your neck until momentum brought you back to the cliff.
    We smoked a fatty with Michael, ( his first time smoking) ten minutes went by an Michael said he didn’t feel anything. He wanted to smoke the other fatty. I tried to advise him ( being the mature avid smoker at 15 years old) this may be creep weed, we should wait a bit. “Let’s try this hanging ourselves thing” . Mike insisted so we gave in to peer pressure an smoked another fatty with him.
    After we finished the second joint Bobby an I proceeded to hang each other, paying no mind to Mike. After taking turns we asked Mike to let us hang him. By this time Mike was already quietly dealing with the torment of being too high for the first time ever. Mike lost it, jumped up, panicked an started to run like I’ve never seen a kid run before. We gave chase. (fearful he would tell Aunty Paula)We found him under a Bush in the shade. He was losing it, said the sun is baking his brain. He jumped up an started to run again. We gave chase, he left us in dust again.
    Yes, my little cousin Mike ran all the way home and told Aunty Paula and Uncle Bob “Jimmy an Bobby got me high an tried to hang me!”
    To be a kid again...
  5. In my 20's I once went with my girlfriend to one of her friends house. About 10 peeps there. The girls decided to go shopping. We rolled some j's of really fine stuff. Finished the last joint and everyone was sooo stoned, no one could roll another. Heard a noise at the front door, guy that lived there said it was the paperboy. He raced out & dragged him back into the house. Kid was about 12 - 13. Gave him a bag & some papers, 'you gotta roll us some j's, man!' Kid didnt have a clue. We tried to explain/show him how. Finally, he managed to roll some sloppy but smokeable joints. We gave him $15 - $20 & released him. This was 1975 ± in Pacific Beach, part of San Diego. No one in P B cared 'bout this sort of activity, all was cool.
  6. Kinda off topic, but am I the only one who does this? -- whenever I see these old threads that are revived, I think back to what I was doing at that time. Like damn 2010! Those were my early smoking days
  7. Took my 75 year old very Christian Aunt shopping got home unloading groceries she slides me the cookie jar and says could you roll me a fat one my hands are giving me hell today. I now have my own medicinal plants and a WHOLE NEW RESPECT for my favorite Aunt
  8. One time I saw a ufo and another time there was a bee on the bus but no one else seemed to notice it and when I got off I wondered if it'd really been there to begin with
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