your favorite rapper's favorite rapper

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  1. wheres the love for my man devin the dude? hes the realist hiphop artist i know and if youve never heard of him no need to thank me just support a man who endorses the herb and go buy some of his albums. peace.:smoking:
    [ame=]YouTube - coughee brothaz - the more i smoke[/ame]
  2. the quote your favorite rappers favorite rapper was originally used in reference to scarface one of the best rappers ever

    but devin is definitely one of the best

    i love the song she usta be
  3. Fuck yes I love Devin. He's the shit, great blazin music. So many dope songs, I Can't Make It Home, Lacville '79, See What I Can Pull, Boo Boo'n, Sticky Green.... I could go on all day. Plus I love the fact that he seems blazed outta his mind in every interview/song
  4. WOW u personally know him, well then he must be the realist if u say so
  5. never heard of him but i like that song!! sounds like some west coast rap! where are they from?
  6. devin is the shit, if you like that track you should check out "gettin high" from the smoke sessions vol1 mixtape, the whole cd is tight
  7. Dr Dre is the fucking shit when baked, the Chronic was written for being high. However, Wu-Tang Clan with their lyrical skill is fucking sick as :D

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