your favorite method to get high

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  1. well im curious of what every one has tryd so just post 2 things
    1. favorite way to get high and why you love it
    2. what method have you tryd that has gotten you the highest

    mine is
    1.water bongs because the smoke is cool so you can take massive hits
    2. water bongs lol
  2. Favorite: Vapor-Bong (Putting the vapor-genie's top on a proper fitting bowl on a bong. Solves the heat problem. ...I just need a bong.)

    My old steamroller my friend made out of cardboard and decorated with Zelda hieroglyphics/Triforce at the base. It was cheap, yes, but it floored us everytime. I miss it.
  3. must this thread be made every single day?
  4. when your high ur to lazy to find shit in forumes...
  5. [quote name='"bong king 90"']

    when your high ur to lazy to find shit in forumes...[/quote]

    It would actually take less time to search than make a new thread, and people won't hate you as much!
  6. Favorite joints
    Highest edibles
    Most used spoons
  7. Blunts and gbs
  8. Bongs forsure

    Then joints
  9. gravity bongs
  10. water pipe for me.....all day every day....smoke the herb...the herb is the word

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