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your favorite high attributes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xtcking, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. what are your favorite attributes to a high? what do you like to feel when your high? and do you smoke to help with some sort of problems?
  2. my favorite attributes when high are loss of speed , intelligence and willpower , but thats only when i use skooma.
    When using weed however i love when my mind becomes uncontrollably hungry for knowledge regarding the universe , Wikipedia is my friend
  3. Just the general feeling of seeing things in a different perspective. I wish i could re-live moments sober and then again high and see the difference.
  4. I love going into that deep thought when im high. Completely zoning out and just thinking and thinking.
  5. Slow motion-tingly-weightless-sinking-melting-ness. That's how I'd describe it. Lol.

    I also love when I can kind of see myself. I'm just like "Lol. I'm so high."

    I love when I start going into deep though, but I start thinking about....let's end up on the subject of what I'm going to do for spring break next year. It's the fuck did I get here?
  6. audio effects are the best. I love listening to electronic music and trippin out to some lights
  7. Since I'm a music lover, I looooove how music sounds. I have a pair of really high quality over the ear headphones and there is nothing that compares to chilling in my room with dimmed lights listening to some chill music on those bad boys. I also love the mini epiphanies that I have. Like I'll hear something that I've never understood before and i'll just get it.

  8. Same here man, I notice your username WizzyK.
    I'm chillin and listening to Taylor Allerdice as we speak, love this mixtape, I'm not high though:mad::mad:

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