Your favorite Disney movie.

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  1. Growing up what Disney movie did you love? I used to LOVE The Lion King, it was my favorite.

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  2. Lion King growing up as well...more than any other movie by far.
    was also partial to Sword and the Stone because no one really had it.
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  3. So many..

    Peter Pan, Fox & The Hound, Jungle Book, Sword in the Stone, and Robin Hood (was so ffin good) :smoking:
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  4. Lion King is the best, fact. I watched that movie almost everyday as a kid, the VHS tape fucking broke. And A Goofy Movie was another one haha.
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  5. Lion King lol I still watch it with my daughter because its her favorite too. Aladin was good as well and Fox & the Hound tho that one made me sad at the end..
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  6. Beauty and the Beast. Still. Hands down.

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  7. Lion King was good but I was in the 6th grade when it came out so I was starting to get older.

    The classics are where it's at, kids :D

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  8. The Lion King is an animated masterpiece.
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  9. I had forgotten about Robinhood...Ooohdelaalee lol.

    Used to act out that movie...Alms, alms for the poor!
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  10. Dumbo


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  11. Lion King or Beauty and the Beast.
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  12. Disney owns Marvel since 2009, so... Dead Pool! 9d2d572f2cb569b296c8a8422b73e033.jpg
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  13. Gotta admit Princess Jasmine had me worked up like a mugg in Aladdin but that Return of Jafar kept me chillin like a villain every summer.

    Disney is timeless magic. :hello:
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    These are my 5 Favorite per animation style.

    2D: *Oliver & Company, The Emperor's New Groove, The Rescuers Down Under, Peter Pan, Fox and the Hound.
    CG: Zootopia, Tangled, Big Hero 6, BoIt, Chicken Little.
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  15. Brave Little Toaster
    Great Mouse Detective
    Robin Hood
    Fox & The Hound
    Goofy Movie
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  16. Rocketman

    My wife and I get baked and laugh our asses off watching this.
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  17. Alice in Wonderland (the original animated)
    Hercules...until my jackass of a little brother ripped out the VHS tapes when he was a baby.
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  18. Toy story
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