Your Favorite Cigarettes.

Discussion in 'General' started by Emo Steve, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. What is your favorite brand of cigarrettes?
  2. The long, white, slender and savory flavor of the search bar.

  3. use the search button for a bunch of threads like this...

    marlboro 27s

    dunhill reds

    camel infused; cloves; newps
  4. Search Cigarettes, you'll find roughly 4 million of these threads.

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  6. Anything that can have the disgusting cancerous addictive tobacco removed and replaced with the good herb, for stealth use.
  7. My local tobacconists rolling toabacco, called Dannish Export. If I'm away from home, Bali Shag or Lucky Strikes. I use Rizla Reds or Zig Zag Orange. Whenever I buy a pack of the Dannish Export I get a pack of Pure Hemp papers, those are thin but easy to roll with. They don't have a taste either like the Bali Shag papers.
  8. Bah, I used to roll my own and smoke twelve of them with a pack of Camel 27s every day.

    Can you guess why I quit? :p
  9. Haha DURCHIII!!!!

    But yeah bro, The search button delivers you a bunch of similar threads. But to help you out:

    Djarum Blacks- They're clove cigarettes, and are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Although, They are pretty expensive. Worth the price.

    Newport 100's- One of my favorite menthols. Strong flavor. First one of the day ALWAYS hits me hard. Quite enjoyable, and THE best drunk cigarette.

    Marlboro Reds- They're the classic " Cowboy Killers" EVERYONE smoked these at some point.

    Those are the ones I stick to. Natural Spirits ( The Perique blend) is a quite different taste, and they're nice and enjoyable.
  10. marbrolo reds 100's

    awhile ago though,i've quit since then.
  11. I've never seen this topic so it must not be too popular, I don't smoke cigarettes because I'm not cool. But if I did they would be camel menthol wides
  12. Cloves, but if anything, black and mild sour apple.
  13. i smoke the blue american spirits pretty mch exclusively. if i dont have any, ill smoke whatever tho.
  14. The American Spirits are nice, I don't smoke filtered cigarettes quite too often but those Black Spirits are real nice, same as the light blue.
  15. newports all the way
  16. DuMaurier kings if I'm buying taylors...The dark Drum when I wanna handroll. Hempire or Pure Hemp usually.

    I wish I could find a really good handrolling tobacco in a local shop. Theres one more I haven't tried yet. :)
  17. ive had phases where i would change my cigs every month or so just to try everything, and ive been with marlboro the longest, although every once in a while when i start waking up in the morning and cant breathe ill smoke lights for like a week or two and then go back to reds.the djarum blacks are good when im in the mood for clove, and i also like "zante" unfiltered cigarettes(greek cigarettes).
  18. Camel Lights all the way. I used to smoke Camel Turkish Golds, they have a nice flavor but aren't quite as strong. I can't stand menthols or cloves... disgusting.
  19. kamel reds, or when i'm handrolling, drum. i like handrolling better most of the time, it helps me limit cigarette intake to have to roll every one, and it has that delicious burn.
  20. Blazin'

    Try Bali Shag...

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