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Your favorite bag

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vanquish6, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. The best weed I ever bought, came to my dealer along with some superb Oregon bud. It was ALL dark ass purple, very stringy with bright orange hairs some of these hairs were like an inch long!
    He liked the Oregon bud better and thought the purple stuff was shit, but anyways yeah it was like almost black in color and was smooth as FUCK -burned up too fast though
  2. I take that back it wasn't the "best" weed just my favorite.
  3. That is a really tough question

    It would have to be the Private Reserve Ocean Grown at the club near me. It is 55 an eighth but the quality justifies the price. ANYDAY.

    After smoking that shit it's hard to enjoy my buddies homegrown..

    A close second is DJ Shorts Blueberry. Some of the densest nugs around
  4. bought a jar from a buddy a few years back who said it was from a local grower. the bud was Biesel and I carried it around in my backpack all day before getting home to smoke it...

    throughout the day i would just open my backpack, unscrew the jar and just smell its sweet aroma...

    i got home and was blown away.... sooooo awesome

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