Your Favorite 311 Song!

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  1. honestly i can't pick just one here are a few of my favorites...

    speak easy
    all mixed up
    beyond the gray sky
    beautiful disaster
    strong all along

    much more but i just can't think of them right now! post your favs and HOORAY FOR THE NEW ALBUM SOON!!!!
  2. Whose Got the Herb?
    Don't Tread on Me
    All Mixed Up
  3. yeah who's got the herb is tight ha
  4. 311 rocks
    i like all mixed up, betiful disaster, come orginal, and from chaos
  5. oh yea come original and from chaos are sick too.
  6. That is like picking my favorite parent.

    I always loved "Down," but even "Amber" is a nice chillaxed song for blazin.
  7. hydroponic
    whos got the herb
  8. yea down & amber are sick.
  9. lol is your tag really steve-o?
  10. eh thats so hard. All of 311's shit is amazing. Soundsystem is my favorite album, so anything off that lol. Sometimes jacks rule the realm, beyond the gray sky, my stoney baby...the list goes on and on. :cool:
  11. haven't really heard any other songs than my stoney baby, but it rocks :)
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    Flowing and Waiting!
  13. thank your lucky stars, and... all the breakdowns from grassroots.
  14. whos got the herb


    beyond the gray sky

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