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  1. If you could see any three artists, living or dead, live in one concert...who would they be?

    I have to go with Queen (with Freddie Mercury, of course), Pink Floyd, and Bob Marley. What about you?
  2. Grateful Dead
    The Doors
    Jimi Hendrix

    The Doors can open, then Jimi Henrix, the Grateful Dead, concluded with Jimi sitting in with the Dead (like he was apparerntly supposed to do once, but instead did acid and fucked some girl)
  3. Bob Marley

    with The Roots playing in the back
  4. 70's Dead, '93-'97 Phish, and a the Alman Brothers or The Band.
  5. Bowie, Beatles (they would have to play some of the stuff that they never played live), At the Drive-In

    There are a lot of other artists that come to mind though.

  6. Love the fab four, but every female at that show had better has their mouths taped the fuck shut hahaha.
  7. Rush during either the 2112 or Moving Pictures tours

    The Who

    Pink Floyd

  8. Bob Marley
    Daft Punk

  9. That would have been such a great time to be a teenager...sigh. :eek:

    Sounds like a kickass show! :metal:
  10. Blind Melon '95
    Wilco '98
    Gov't Mule '98
    Thin Lizzy '77
  11. Rory Gallagher

    Blackfoot pre '82

    Blind Faith (That would have been so epic; Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker, and that other dude that was in Blind Faith who played with Traffic for a while possibly haha)

    Blue Oyster Cult pre fame '72-'75

    Gov't Mule pre passing of Allen Woody

    Queens of the Stone Age

    Them Crooked Vultures

    Megadeth with Marty Friedman

    Little Feat with Lowell George

    and so many more who I wish I got to see before they broke up, or died, or reformed with one original member haha
  12. twiztid
    pink floyd
  13. i agree with the guy who said '70s grateful dead. also alice in chains '94-95, and the beatles' '69 rooftop concert.:cool:
  14. Rush
    Pink Floyd
    Led Zeppelin
  15. Bob Marley and the Wailers
  16. Grateful Dead
  17. Hendrix
    Pink Floyd(Before they split)
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  19. They're touring again next summer. I suggest going, they're such a fun concert.

  20. earlier Blind Melon
    Alice in Chains unplugged

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