younger guy - much older woman?

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  1. ok so this came up on another thread last night so I thought to come in here and ask it. I'm 46 and I guess I'm ok looking for my age and usually still get mistaken for in my 30's but I'm not one to spend a bunch of fuss on hair make-up and clothes. Was married for about 1o years - got out of that 3 years ago and haven't had any sex since before that :(
    I'm often bad at catching signals from guys so probably miss some chances had a couple blatent offers from Really drunk guys the past couple years but they were too drunk and one only 19- kept hoping we might see each other when he was less drunk -sometimes I regret saying no to that we did make out but I was afraid he'd pass out before I even got him home and didn't want a 6 ft 4in drunk 19 year old passed out in my car or waking up in the AM going WTF did we do...and one night I was just too stoned to think...anyway

    In general I've always liked younger guys and had some relationships and flings with a few. I don't mind men my own age but my post marrage crowd is younger I don't have kids and feel in a different place than those my own age like nothing in common- most of the young guys I know from music related stuff.

    There are a couple I might like for a fun thing and yeah they are like 18 to 22 so Big age difference. Guys here seem to think other guys would still go for this?
    I don't want to come off like a creep so really hold back.
    Saw one guy last night who I hadent seen in 9 months hew was sexy before and now seems more mature and like WOW. He's 20 - had a gf then single now. Sometimes we'd go smoke so hope maybe that will happen again cause last summer I was like damn if he didn't have a gf I'd cozy up and see his reaction.
    So I've always sucked with this- any suggestions to find out if he'd be receptive. He has slept with the sluttiest girl in town which bothers me a bit but don't think he's too hung up on looks. He's bi and he and a close guy friend of mine had sex when they were drunk which doesn't bother me at all. I just want fun.
    ok sorry to ramble. Good wasys to see if younger guys would be into it- yet not start getting a skeevy reputation going if they aren't? cause they are my friends and I want to keep that
  2. Younger men love older women. Go get yours! Have fun :)
  3. fuck em' have fun while you can...rob the cradle who cares...Ima youngin and if your a fox then I'll bite the or gtfo
  4. no one would ever call me a hottie or (if I had kids a MILF) I'm just a simple girl- average but ok I think. But I'll let you know if anything happens. Did try to ask out a 21 year old a couple years ago but it didn't fly- though he gave me his number after 2 tries I quit- he wasn't part of my normal circle so no casual opportunity with him if I didn't ask. I was kind of hot when I was 30-ish but thats past -lol - it is what it is- jeans and t-shirts and sneakers and about 15 extra pounds.
  5. well lets see it :)
  6. Younger dudes love older women. Don't be afraid to show what you're working with, especially to us :smoke:
  7. lol- I don't even think I could access any pics if I wanted to they are all on my external hard drive which my ex didn't re-connect right (accidentally on purpose?) after he set up my new one when I came home from the hospital- though that gives me a plan I think said young man is good with computers maybe I can get him to come over and help cause my printer isn't right either and I suck with technology- lol
    I think any pics I may have acces to are old but if I find one maybe..but if you all think I'm dull I'll feel more insecure.
  8. Wtf, where are the pics?!

    What a fucking tease.
  9. Don't post your pic unless you feel comfortable about it... obviously haha

  10. No. Fuck this.

    You post them fucken pictures . :rolleyes:
  11. To fuck you? Yes. To date you? No.

    Guy wills often do that just because as women get older they don't fuck around. They are pretty easy to sleep with. They want to prove to themselves younger guys will still fuck them for one thing.

    I've known quite a few guys that did that, but none of them were interested in a relationship. It works at first but not for long. I mean if they are 19 and you are 46, then when you are 56 he'll be 29. And long gone.

    If you just want to have some fun then go for it. But in all honesty if you do that for any length of time there is a real chance you will be alone when you get older. I'd suggest looking for someone you can be with in the future. No offense but you're not a kid that can waste time playing the field, the way a 19 year old can do with you. IMHO you're not going to have a serious relationship with a teenager.
  12. Young guys love older women. Well I do, more so than girls my own age. Conflicting agendas is always a problem. Most older women just wanna fuck a young guy. I wanna marry a older women. I mean cmon I make a lot of money, decent looks and have lots of love to give. Off topic sorry. but you may have to make the first move. It's hard for a young guy to tell te difference between flirting and just being friendly. But watch out for the stds yo. Most guys my age never heard of a rubber.
  13. Never understood why a young guy would be into older women.

    Why not get all the young stuff we can get while we're young? Will be quite difficult to obtain as you age cause when you do age youll then be stuck with all those "older" women wont you?

    Seems like a waste of youth to me.
  14. im young,mature,and like older women.

    hows bout we meet up sometime,eh? ;)
  15. Pics have been requested, she cannot provide, this thread is no longer relevant to my interests.

    If you're a "milf" I'd fuck you, and I'm 20.
  16. hell ye us young guys love older women. less drama and other bs, plus yall know what you want and how to say it.
    im 20 and def would hook up with a 40 year old lol
  17. I didn't expect this thread to be a badgering for pics - maybe if I'd claimed to be really stunning sexy - but I'm not- never said I was - no proof needed - what ever. Yeah Cottonmouth- I wouldn't expect it to last long - just need some fun- other relationships with much younger guys was temporary. Can't say they never work longer known a couple with a 10 to 15 year age difference but not sure it'd work and guys that age may eventually want kids and I'm past wanting that. I'm pretty realistic when it come to long term potental with huge age differences. Sometimes I wonder the big age difference attraction but some guys have it- 2 of my younger ones came on to me in pretty bold ways. and I do think it's older women often play less games. I don't want another wedding ring for a while -maybe not ever but would like to find someone. but atm not even meeting many guys in my age range. Had one accidental blind date (long story) but he was really pushy and pressury and then found out from our mutual friend he was looking for wife 2 ASAP. So that is also a problem with guys my age or they have kids and I'm not really up for that. Right now just like some friends with benefits type sex (though i hate that term)
    idk my thoughts are pretty scattered tonight losing my train of thought already- thanks to those of you who gave real answers.
  18. I love older women.

    My girlfriend is 11 years older than I am... without sounded conceited, my options are wide open and she is who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

    Younger women are too much trouble..

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