Young women marrying military guys for the wrong reasons.

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  2. I noticed it man. I mean really if you're in a semi-dedicated and serious relationship and one of them is joining or has already signed up for the military it's either break up...orrrrr get married.
  3. yeah, but when they get there and see its not a game they will regret it.
  4. I think it's a bad idea from the military guy's point of view, if a man in the military gets divorced most of his benefits, military pension etc. are up for grabs
  5. so true, they literally play like it's a game, get married, husband goes to away, and the husband ends up playing jodi.

    exactly why I'm saying fuck relationships, get a ton of pussy and wait till you're old enough to manage a family.
  6. I noticed the same thing. But, soldiers are assholes, and that's what a lot of women are attracted to
  7. There's a time frame that you have to be married for in order to receive benefits when divorcing. It's no lower than 10 years but I think it's closer to 15.

    Not quite sure. Anyway, yeah. My husband and I were both marines. We didn't marry to move out of the barracks but it made life easier. Males couldn't be in females rooms past 12. We had to sign each other in. It was lame.

    Here we are a now military marriage statistic. Our 2nd year marriage anniversary was a couple days ago and neither of us even mentioned it.

    Example of the craziness: In marriage counseling she asked us how long we knew each other before we got married. We responded with 11 months and she says, 'Wow. That's pretty good. The average is about 4 months.'
  8. I actually just got out and there is a huge divorce problem in the military. Many (not all) military spouses do get married because that is the only way they can be together after high school and others get married because the military has a whole bunch of benefits. Little do they know that they too have to go to meetings and fill out a bunch of random information that comes all of the time. They also have to deal with a lot of the bs that comes with the job. When their husbands deploy, that is when the rings come off and they go downtown to the clubs and bars. The deployed spouse also gets restless overseas and will a lot of the time cheat with one of the soldiers.
    Many of these kids are too immature to raise a family, so when the divorce papers go through and their credit goes to hell because they are more broke than they can possibly imagine, a downward spiral occurs and they never want to get married again.
    This doesn't apply to all marriages by any means. I have seen couples that have been through 4+ deployments and they are still standing strong. But for a lot of the young people, they either get bored or get sick of the lifestyle. It is a demanding job that shouldn't be taken lightly by any means and a strong level of commitment is needed to get through it.

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