Young man with down's syndrome beaten by cops.

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  1. Disabled man beaten in mistaken arrest attempt |

    So far the deputy involved hasn't been put on leave or been punished in any way. I hate stuff like this. Last year a schizophrenic homeless man was beaten into a coma by several police officers in Fullerton. How many people have to be victimized before something is done about this? The abuse of power and lack of sympathy and regret in these situations is disgusting.
  2. I really wish they would step up the quality of officers in the law department. Don't they teach them how to handle these situations in cop school? It's like younger cops these days piss themselves with excitement any time someone doesn't do exactly what they are told so instead of thinking rationally about the situation first and seeing why they aren't getting a response out of their suspect, they jump to conclusions that lead them to use unneeded force.
  3. Ugh yeah I work alongside with cops

    The poster above me is right about fresh cops. They get a boner with power and jump on the chance to use force.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some really good cops out there, but a lot of then get into it for the wrong reasons.

    We had one cop tackle some guy who was jogging accidentally because the cop said "Sir STOP" and the jogger had his earbuds in and didn't hear him. The cop ran up from behind and smashed his face into the pavement.
  4. Cops are douches
  5. dont worry its a special place in hell for cops like the one in the article
  6. Yeah I'm by no means a cop hater, I think a good pertentage of them are good people who put their lives on the line for others but there are lot of cops who are power hungry ass holes who are abusing their position - or they are just plain stupid
  7. There's nothing worse in this world than a cop who abuses his power. Especially when someone has to get beaten to a pulp "because they wouldn't cooperate".
  8. why cant he sue for assault?

  9. I believe his parents are suing.

  10. good. i think all of these police brutality happenings (for no reason, like this and the fullerton case) should end in the victim pressing assault and battery charges. and, if it puts them in the hospital, attempted murder.
  11. Having been through the system a few times police arent getting any Christmas cards from me . . .
  12. The legal system is flawed.

    Not really surprising, is it?:cool:
  13. Me to, to a degree, but remember also that even good cops are taught to fuck over other people's rights and teach them to violate their rights to get the upper hand.

    The police force itself is corrupt. Even the best intentioned are fuckin over innocent people for the motives of others and to profit others.
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    Sucks bc of these idiot police in San Diego. Specially bc I live here -_-. Peace out.

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