Young Jeezy - The Recession

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  2. aint Got My Locks On feat. Ice Cube gunna be on there?

    i'll be grabbin this album when it drops
  3. young jeezy is my fave artist
  4. thats gonna be on cubes' album "raw footage" but i'm definitely looking forward to the recession
  5. jeezy has some great lyrics, i like em a lot too for being a commercial rapper
    (if you can call em that, i guess hes borderline)
  6. i was actually really fuckin impressed wit raw footage. i got a copy a couple days ago and really like it
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  8. i think its sept 2nd actually ya im waitin on that young shit that dumb shit, locs on ft ice cube is another hot one
  9. yea that locs on is st8 but jeezy just on the hook he don't even got a verse on that shit
  10. hell yea jeezy is that dude can't wait for the new album

    thanx for all the links homie
  11. not feelin any of them first three songs so im not gonna listen to the others..

    ive never really like jeezy tho so...
  12. Amazin is hot as fuck. been listenin to that one alot the past few seshs hah
  13. Put On is a hot track. I'm lovin' Kanye's verse.
  14. the full album has leaked and everything i heard so far is jammin
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  16. the group rip is not out yet. crack album thought, jeezy is my dude (NH)
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  18. this cd gon be bumpin hard here in westside ATL

    i know shawty redd produced Who Dat offa this album, anyone know what other songs he produced offa it?
  19. yeeeeeeeeeah
    its a recession!

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