You Will Be Missed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WhereRDaCookies, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I'm going to miss you little dude. You were way too young. I don't even think you had begun puberty yet. Maybe if you had bloomed just a year earlier in life you would still be around. I wish you had reached out to me or at least someone before taking your own life, but I can't change that. RIP little man <3. This bowl goes out to you.
  2. RIP little man.
  3. to the little man.
  4. Sorry to hear that man
    I wish I had something to spark up for the little homie
    but, regardless, best wishes to you and his family
  5. dedicating this bowl of resin to little man..
    jk, its some fire bud in my bowl <3
  6. sucks man, was a note or anything left? do you know why the little dude did it?
  7. He's a distant relative, but no note was left behind. He was thought to be a happier than average kid, and it leaves me and everyone else wondering why he did it. I didn't think little kids thought about suicide at that age.
  8. its truely sad for the family, but i know i definitely thought about suicide at that age. he may have had a different view on death than most people, who knows?

  9. Probably because the people close to him and around him did not properly respond to his signals for help. People tend to make mental leaps to make shallow covers for any stress because they just can't seem to deal with the fact that there could be something wrong.
  10. Haven't seen the little guy in two years. I declined to go to the recent family get together on that side because his mom and older sister are total cunts. Even with his death they seem to be focusing on themselves and not him. Makes me sad </3.

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