You were right Royksopp...

Discussion in 'General' started by peacenpot420, May 4, 2011.

  1. Even though a lot of you probably don't even give a shit im going to make this thread anyways.

    A while ago I made a thread saying i had to stop smoking and that I was leaving Grasscity because it would remind me too much about the good times. Well I felt like i had to stop for a while for personal reasons but didn't think I'd be back so soon. But whatever, fuck back and here to laugh it up Royksopp you were right. :smoke:
  2. i knew you would return man. welcome back! :wave:
  3. royksopp is always right

    how dare you doubt her
  4. The call of grasscity shall be denied by no mortal.. lol

  5. thanks man glad to be back

    I am ashamed....

    I guess I learned the hard way haha
  6. Whos Royksopp
  7. I believe it is a band...
  8. *plants a bomb in this thread*

  9. if you saw her avatar i'm sure you'll recognize her.
  10. Haha I remember you man.
    You seemed pretty convinced you were done.
  11. I'm sure her PMs work.
  12. You ADDICT! LOL!
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    ^^^^ why do you think i had that little disclaimer in the beginning asshole.

    Sorry, this kind of thing does not fly. -Durchii
  15. Lets not be bashing Royk here...
  16. How many memes do you have dude? jeez hah

  17. screencap of google dude jeez hah

  18. it's a band from north dakota

  19. Because your story sucks but you decided to tell it anyway? I'm just spitballin here.


  20. You always post some meme or gif on every thread I see you in, calm down :rolleyes:

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