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You want to see DANK?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Saul Goodman, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Picked up a good amount of dank bud, finally. An 8th this time of some no name dank.

    Pretty fuckin good bud. Me and my buddy were saying that this is probably the best bud we've smoked.


  2. looks good homie.

    enjoy your pick up, i know i would
  3. Nice Shit, enjoy it :smoke:
  4. looks like this strain called "Chemband" (ChemdawgxHeadband)
  5. How much did that set you back?
  6. never seen chemband, the first pic reminds me of this strain I used to get 'pot of gold' That was ggod smoke, as does this look very good. niiice enjoy:cool:

  7. $60 for the 8th. Weighed at about 4 grams.
  8. you always know whats up, looks great buddy! enjoy it.

  9. Thanks, dude. You as well. You always got the great taste in buds!
  10. Wow that makes me sad!
  11. Nice pick up man, 60 for 4 grams is a pretty good deal for dank where I am from.
  12. Way to represent them Minnesota nugs
  13. looks tasty, nice pick up
  14. did you find this in minneapolis?

    I live in NE and this looks very close to some of the no-name dank I get. But a lot cheaper, most dealers sell $20 a gram until you get up to a 1/4th and they'll discount it.

    4 grams would cost me at least $70-80 from my tightest dank dealers. :(
  15. Looks like some good dank.
    enjoy, man.
  16. Thanks, fellas.

    Yeah I did, actually. We are probably puffin on close to the same stuff.

    This may or may not be a full 4 grams. This guy just likes to overweigh me a bit.
  17. man, how the fuck do I get a hookup like this!?
  18. looks like iight dank pricey though for dank

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