You think you were freaked out?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JustDank, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Me and some friends were at my moms house, (parents gone for the night), blazin out of the new hookah, my new heady glass, and a few blunts and joints. (pics soon to come) Anyways, we got a call about some acid. they went to get it and i stayed home. They came back and i was pissed cause i had to whatch the fucking baby, and couldn't do it that night. So they take theirs and leave to go to some party(again, really pissed I missed it). So i thought... FUCK IT. I'll have my own party. Smoked myself stupid. Rolled three joints, packed my new piece, and ripped the hookah. After all of that, I rolled one more joint. I was soo baked at this point that i forgot to smoke it. left it on the table and passed out with all of the shit there just sitting out. So I wake up a couple hours later, and EVERYTHING was gone. My joint, my hookah, my bowl... MY BUD!... I was so fucking afraid that mom had came back and takin everything. I was still pretty baked when i woke up, but seeing all my stuff missing brought me from cloud nine to hell... I was so scared that i just couldnt move. i just sat in the recliner looking around and panicing for an hour until my friends showed up. They sit down laughing their asses off. i figured it was the sid in their systems. (it was) then they reach behind the couch and grab the hookah, and the bowl... but no j... apparently they had came home earlier that night smoked my joint cleaned up (incase my mom came back) without waking me up. and they didnt tell me about the joint until the next morning.

    And you think you were freaked out ChillyWater?

    THE BABY WAS ASLEEP AT NIGHT> so i dont wanna here complaints about that.
  2. oh right so you're basically a total fucking dick then arent you? who the fuck sets out to get that high when they're meant to be watching a fucking baby? you're a real piece of shit, get a fucking life.

  3. Yeah that's pretty low...
  4. dude the baby was asleep it was at night. dont give me shit for that. He doesnt even move. and im a light sleeper
  5. apparently you're not a light sleeper if your friends got back in your house and cleaned up all your shit, which was around you, while on acid. i can't believe you would "smoke yourself stupid" while babysitting.
  6. they were quiet as fuck the first time they were in cause they weren't feelin the acid. it takes 2-3 hours to kick in. Babys cry loud. trust me I'd hear this little fuck. the main reason in me watching him and staying off acid that night was so that if it did cry. people didnt just laugh at him. (acid does that)
  7. must be gettin some shitty acid.

    you can justify what you did all you want, but it was still wrong.
  8. Dude, you fucked up. Own it and learn from it. Oh and don't bother posting pictures, no one else cares.
  9. You piece of fuckign shit you. you know that? I hope you rot in hell for smoking while theres a baby sleeping.

    jk lol.

    yea that sounds pretty freaky.
  10. Damn people calm the fuck down! It's not like he was hotboxing the room the baby was in. He took the proper precautions ie. Checking on baby. What so wrong trying to relax after a days work? At least he was responsible enough to say no to the acid. Can't imagine what it would be like taking care of the baby while trippin LOL. Don't trip, these people just never been in your situation so they wouldn't know what they would do.
    Smoke on :smoke:
  11. Except that I'm a parent, and I use MJ responsibly, and NEVER EVER do something as stupid as he did while being the sole caregiver for an infant.

    Not to mention, sounds like he's a minor himself.
  12. I don't see the big deal. Okay, the baby was asleep and he passed out. Do you guys stay up all night to check on the baby and get no sleep or do you guys go to sleep. The only diff was this dude passed out instead of going to sleep. Whats wrong, damn? Im either a person who shouldn''t be a parent or you guys are just tweakin
  13. thanks man. this was suppose to be about what happened to the supplies. not the fact that i was "watching" a baby.
  14. so not all people are haters. thanks bro
  15. it was my parents house. they were gone and its a nice place to chill. not a minor btw.
  16. your a dick. i didnt do anything wrong. and il be damned if i'd be the only one not high on something. at least i didnt take acid. Then and ONLY then would you be right to bitch at me.
  17. no it had them trippin for 30 hours. i did mine the next day, but i didnt feel it till like 4 hours into it and it lasted me like 20 minutes.. the dude we got it from says some people dont feel shit the first time, and it was my first time.
  18. Don't give this guy shit, as a babysitter for my sisters kids sometimes, I always blaze. Not while they are around, or even awake, but it seems like in this case, he was not in the wrong. He chose not to do acid, he did not smoke until the baby was asleep, and he did not pass out till the baby was asleep.

  19. Wrong, I can bitch at you for the sheer irresponsibility you have shown. You're illegally smoking MJ at your parent's house and you smoked so much you passed out. Then you come on here bragging about it.

    Son, you have a LOT to learn about responsibilty.

  20. I'm not in any way trying to get into this bullish thread, but I have to point out that you were in the wrong. They aren't bitching at you, they're telling you the truth and you can't accept it. Weed slows reaction time and alters your judgement, those may be the only two government propaganda pieces that actually are true, and I would never ever babysit a child, let alone a baby while under the influence of marijuana. Now playing with them while you're not solely responsible is a different story though
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