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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Hank Alvarez, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Any body care to venture a guess as to what's happening? I just switched from three Aerogardens to two six hole bubble tub DWC's and so far so good. Granted this is my first experience with this style of growing and so far I love it but some thing strange is going on in my reservoir.

    I've never had healthier, happier plants but their nutes are suddenly turning acid. I'm using, exclusively, Technaflora's "Recipe for Success," (Which I've used for for over two years and been very happy with). Instead of my pH climbing as it always has in the past it's dropping radically. In the past I would set it at 5.8 and the next day it would be in the low to mid 6's. Now I set it at 5.8 and it's between the low 5's and the high 4's. I figured it might stop when I changed the nutes yeaterday but it didn't. The hydro store is stumped and I'll try to get an opinion from Technaflora and my hydro teacher when I see her, but have any of you had this experience? I can't really call it a problem since my plants a happy.
  2. Well... I'd say your nutrients are working well. When roots are actively taking up nutrients they kick out H+ ions in their active transport mechanism, which lowers pH. I don't grow hydro but this is a fundamental of plant physiology. I do have a good hydro buddy and he says his pH drops by 0.1 every day and buffers accordingly.
  3. Agman: yes they've always dropped at least a point but they've never gone up until now. That's what has me puzzled. But as long as they look good and keep growing I'm not complaining just curious. I'll keep bringing them back to 5.8. I've never had to use this much pH UP until lately. Thanks for your response. I printed it and I'll recheck my sources. Thanks again. Hank

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