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  1. If you've ever wondered what the view is careening down a snow-driven slope with total lack of control, first chasing after a snowmobile and then being chased by one, glad tidings! You'll never have to try it yourself for reference, thank to one terribly unfortunate Frenchman with a helmet cam.

    Friendly tip: when you think it's over, it's only just getting started.

    Two of the same video as one not as clear

    YouTube - Skidoo Flips Over At Top Of Mountain - Rolls Down Forever!

    Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide
  2. That's insane!
  3. Isn't it just - just watched it baked :smoke:

  4. holy shit!!! my face was like :eek: the whole fucking time

  5. Hell yeah That was one hell of a ride and slide.. Guy was very lucky not the be killed.. :eek:
  6. Damn, I thought the guy was knocked out from the way his arms and legs were moving around like a ragdoll.

    Then he stood up at the end! haha.

    Not sure why he let his arms and legs flail around like that, seems like a good way to get them broken.
  7. Think he was trying to make sure he went in a straight line between the rocks. Seems like a pretty good idea to me!


    Insaanneeee vid. Thanks for posting!
  8. Amazing video really and the fact his fucking skidoo was coming down after him, that would hurt getting smacked up by that machine.

    One of the best videos I have seen in a long time :D
  9. Only thing that could have made it better..

    If he managed to get back on it on the way down. Would have been truely sick haha
  10. True dat! :D
  11. damn that was crazy i felt like i was driving it lol then it couldnt stop fucking laughing the dude runs after it like its going to stop
  12. lol the video had under 200 views this morning when I found it - I am sure if will be seen by many more :smoke:
  13. this really reminds me how fun snow mobiles are lol but i have been banned from riding ours after a friend turned infront of me while i was going 85, the snowmobile did a barrel roll off his front fender and literally flew over the top of me (thank god it didn't land on me) i didn't even have a scratch and the only thing that got hurt was an old fuel line which we fixed on the spot pretty damn lucky lol
  14. Smoked a bowl and watched it, HOLY SHIT D:
  15. haha, sucks to be that guy.
  16. Bet he was hurting the next day :smoke:


  17. Thats what your supposed to do to not break your limbs... Think about it if your stiff as a board rolling down a mountain you could land on your arm and snap it so easy, but if your all lossey goosey than your arm folds when you land on it and you roll over top preventing a life threatening injury. I say life threating cause look where they are!
  18. its true most times kids don't get injured when they take huge falls n such is because they don't tense up i mean if you go rag doll you can survive some crazy shit that's how i didn't break a bone wrecking that snow mobile or skate boarding. When you'd go off a huge stair set and you start to wreck i would always roll onto my shoulder and roll with the landing so i didn't get hurt.
  19. If that slope was flat enough he could run down it, I don't think there was too much danger. It seemed more like an awesome snow sliding board lol.
  20. If you haven't already make sure you watch this video :smoke:

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