You must try superthrive!!!

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  1. I really think superthive helped me develop some nice ass autoflower plants. I have a growjournal called all autoflowers. Check it out.

    If youve tried superthrive give me ur 2cents!
  2. I've used superthrive and at a very small dose at that! It caused my ladies all to hermie. Haven't used it since and haven't had a seed since. I've heard about this happening to a few people.
  3. Damn ive had good luck with it myself.
  4. I was just reading up on this yesterday and could not find much in terms of is use on mj. I have a old timer that swears by it. It just says its a b-vit and small amounts of micro nutrients. It supposed to be used in addition with your feeding program. I will post this in the outdoor section. There are alot of knowledgeable people in there.
  5. I usually find that anyone who buys anything and it positively goes there way they swear by it. Kinda like buying a car...whens the last time you heard a friend say man I got ripped off and took it up the tail pipe..nope everyone usually rants on the deals they get on cars :)

    The only way to know is to have controlled experiments with without in exact conditions. Ive tried it and did not notice a thing. There website to is also nutty. Like some early 20th Century Snake Oil sales pitch.
  6. I think it is snake oil
  7. Yea thats true i never thought of it that way. I just didnt add it to two of the plants so i cant really consider that controlled experiments lol it could be the fox farm nutes and bud candy
  8. I have used it for years then stopped using it and noticed no difference in plant health its all about a well balanced organic regimen. All day forget the bottled shit.

  9. I agree with that. I think it could help if you were missing something but a properly balanced regimen with base nutes, and some supplements would nullify alot of that.
  10. Snake Oil, waste of money.

  11. Apreciate the feedback people thank you. Tossin it to the side now.
  12. [quote name='"RichardDean"']I have used it for years then stopped using it and noticed no difference in plant health its all about a well balanced organic regimen. All day forget the bottled shit.[/quote]

    Forget the bottled shit is right. I make my own shit for pennies on the dollar and get just as good, if not better results.
  13. I have used it, then compared to others....others was easier, cheaper, ....and better a very controversial subject, bottom line is I want to know what's in my food, try ..............goggling it?

  14. Look...superthrive is to be used how it states on the bottle: to produce roots after cloning. If u use something for what it is meant to be used for, then it will work for you. I have taken cuttings, at a 45 degree angle with a brand new blade, dipped into rooting hormone and then rockwool with ph water at 5.5 and gotten 50% success on cloning. I have down the same thing, with superthrive added to the ph water and gotten 90% success on cloning. I also give them superthrive when transplanting it works well for avoiding shock

  15. beerbrewer, you're dead on the money right. Superthrive has been around for many many years, & is a b-vitamin supplement used to prevent transplant shock. The first time I saw its use was in the early 1970's at an Atlanta Botanical gardens exhibition given by a local Bonsai Society officer. He swore by the stuff and used it anytime he transplanted one of his prized bonsai. But he used it for what it was designed - preventing transplant shock.
    And it does a very good job helping new clones to root, especially hard to root strains. Not needed for many, maybe even most strains, but for those stubborn bitches who resist rooting, it helps.
    As a nute supplement, I have to agree with everyone else... not its intended use.
  16. I use it for cloning, 1 drop per 2 gallons in my bubble cloner. 50% success by 7 days and the other half usually comes around by the next 3 days, and also when putting clones to dirt. The next batch of clones i may fire up my old bubble cloner and have a comparison between with and without just to see if there's a difference. But hell i got a bottle of it, it works (imo), why not?
  17. superthrive is not a nute!!!!!!!!! it was developed to add to your nutes. also if you are using a water with a high ph the superthrive will acually lower the ph a little. as far as transplanting it works great to prevent shock. also if you have a sick plant that is on the verge of dieing mix the superthrive with this stuff called REVIVE. it will litteraly bring green back to your plant OVERNIGHT.
  18. Thanks for that info!!

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