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You Meet a Clone of Yourself For an Hour

Discussion in 'General' started by psychoperson25, May 21, 2010.

  1. This thread is so gay fellas...

    When I was reading it I completely missed the reference to sex wayyy over my head...I thought it was about a conversation..

    I would talk to myself
  2. ^^^^hahaha classic right there. regarding the question, man thats a toughie, fighting would be kinda pointless because i would block all my moves, but fucking just seems waaaay to weird. i mean, imagine actually fucking someone that looked EXACTLY like you.....but im way more horny than violent so i would figure out some way of fucking myself that wouldnt make me freak out everytime i looked in a mirror.
  3. I would need:

    a couple grams of coke
    more than just a couple of grams of kush

    get high with myself and just bullshit about how cool I am. :hello:
  4. It is a hypothetical. And no not really gay.
  5. I'd put the bitch to work... my house isn't going to clean itself
  6. Ha well i guess I would just play with myself ( the clone) ha and just have a good time. So it would mean I'm being a lesbo with me. That's weird
  7. haha im sure this thread would make an interesting thesis, it seems like most of the women are much more willing to sleep with themselves then men, I wonder if thats a social influence (lesbians are hot to men, gay men arent to most women) or an innate psychological trait. sorry to way over complicate something as beautiful as lesbians, my bad fellas :smoke:

  8. id beat the absolute shit out myself, just to experience a completely natural untrained fighting style with another one.

    i have a feeling id do some reckless shit in a fight, hence why i dont fight. id sooner drop kick someone and knock their front teeth into the back of their throat than take a fist to the face.
  9. If you fought yourself... you'd have the exact same skills and reactions... wouldn't work it seems... mindfuck

  10. youre right, youd have the same skills and reactions, but unless you and your clone were linked mentally for some reason, they wouldnt know EXACTLY what move you were going to make, so theres still a shot at winning:D
  11. I would do a combo of both. I would rape myself. But would it be rape? How would I presss charges and since Im raping myslef would i suffer the damages I bestowed upon me?
    Would I be beaten up and ass hurt afterwards too?
  12. No one would press charges the clone disappears.
  13. well i would pick the fight because either way you win... (i think?)
  14. The clone disappears though so if you the non-clone wins you win. If not you lose.
  15. anyone who says they'd fuck their clones are the same egotistical douche bags that masturbate to themselves in the mirror...

    no part of putting my dick in my own hairy butthole sounds appealing to me... I've seen the shit that comes out of it, and it's not pleasant....

    I think being able to see myself from a 3D perspective would be a fascinating experience. Aside from examining the clone i would probably just talk to it, or maybe meditate with it... who knows...
  16. In would ask myself some questions that im afraid to admit to myself. Everone has some questions they dont even want to belive the anwser to.
  17. i would never jerk off to myself in the mirror so i would never buttfuck a male even me.

    i would fight to the death!
  18. There's no way I would take it in the ass, so if it's a clone of me there's no way he would take it in the ass either. With that said I would have to fight it... him... me... Now THAT would be a battle of the ages.
  19. What would be cool is if you AND your gf could meet your gf's clone for the hour.

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