You Meet a Clone of Yourself For an Hour

Discussion in 'General' started by psychoperson25, May 21, 2010.

  1. The clone disappears after an hour, there is nothing to do in the room. It is just a boring room you can't leave you can't really converse with that clone it has your knowledge.

    So you can sit there bored gaining nothing from the experience or you are given a choice.

    Fuck it or Fight it.

    Now here is what you have to consider when fucking it. Many of you will say it is gay, but no not really it would be like masturbating. You know what you like so it would be two copies of you doing what you like.

    Now if you fight yourself it is the ultimate challenge of your skills. You are fighting someone with your strengths and weaknesses and knows your moves. You may lose you may win.

    So tell me what you would pick and why?

    I would fight myself personally.

    I got the idea to make a hypothetical like this from the grandpa fucking thread lol
  2. Dude no way I was just thinking about this. I think I would give myself a handjob. It would be a circle of awesome.
  3. Hahaha circle of awesome
  4. Could I just dry hump myself?

    Or even tease myself then leave me w/ blue balls?
  5. Why would you give yourself the blue balls?
  6. I guess if I was doing myself, then I could go w/ the "it's masturbation" thing to prevent misconceptions of homosexuality, (what with me, and me being the same sex), but I guess if I, and myself could keep a secret it wouldn't matter anyway.

    Would I be pitching or catching?

    No deal if I'm catching.

    Wait. I'm me, and I'm the clone, or is the clone me and I'm not the clone?

    What the hell is going on here?
  7. Why wouldn't you just give yourself a handy? Like time machine blowjob or buttsex is a no go with me. But I am already skilled with my hands and it would be awesome.

    I am trying to promote awareness on time machine handjobs.
  8. Time machine handjobs? I guess promoting awareness of that it a noble cause, because I don't think anyone is that aware of them.
  9. The closest thing i can compare a time machine handjob to is jesus.

    Jesus love smoking weed
    (proof) He wore sandals and walked everywhere -- and you know how badass walking around high is

    So when Jesus was making the world he created weed. Then when he came down he smoked that weed. That's practically what a time machine handjob is. Jesus couldn't remember making the weed until he smoked it and realized it was so good that he had made it for himself and he gave himself a high five through the circle of awesomeness.
  10. Fight, and what a fight it'd be.
  11. I'd fight it, which would be interestsing since we'd both have almost 30 years of training in several martial arts, plus we'd be able to anticipate each other's moves.
  12. Yeah I would definitely fight it

    ...fuck myself? imagine living with yourself after that,
    "this one time i fucked a guy..but its okay because he looked exactly like me."
  13. I'd probably fuck it
    I like to think I'm pretty sexy
  14. I'd challenge myself with some computer games...
  15. If there's absolutely nothing in the room, I'd wank myself...And my clone would do the same. There's no way me or my clone is takin it in the ass....Fuck that.
  16. back to back or looking each other lovingly in the eyes
  17. I can just hear the Barry White playing in the background now.
  18. why isnt freeform vocal jam an option?

    thats what i'd do without a doubt.

    it would be.....epic
  19. it would be kinda weird fighting myself, self preservation might kick in. it would be weirder fucking yourself, so i'll go with the fight
  20. I'd do duelling guitars

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