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You Meet a Clone of Yourself For an Hour

Discussion in 'General' started by psychoperson25, May 21, 2010.

  1. I would totally fight, and then fuck to make up after.
  2. I'd fight. I think I could take me.
  3. I'd fight myself, full out. Brazilian knife fight, fucking samurai duels, ten paces at dawn.

    We fight.
  4. Well I couldn't have sex with my self, it'd just be weird for myself after that. But I'd definitely fight that fucker, he'd probably be into it and then once we fought to a stalemate we'd high-five and drink beer and smoke weed and if I was there I woulda been like "ah sweet".
  5. i would smoke up my clone, then take him out when hes not suspecting, so he cant kill me and take my place in the real world:devious:
  6. smoke weed there is always weed...
  7. I'd fight him, win, and rape his ass. It's like the circle of lif eor some shit.
  8. I'd fight him, i can take him, hes a pussy :devious:
  9. i would make my clone- my bitch

    turn on the tv bitch
    get me the remote bitch
    ya kno wat change the channel bitch
    roll that blunt bitch
    yeeeeeeaaaaaaa bitch
    dont hit that bitch
    Im sparkin it.....wat bitch??

  10. i'd duke it out

    it'd be a gnarly long battle which i dont think will end..its like having a fucking level 100 pokemon vs another lvl 100 pokemon with same attack and resistances pewpew meow, so yea never ending batle
  11. Now if you could somehow alter the clone's chromosomes to make it female, I'd hit that shit. I'm fucking hot.
  12. I would most definitely fuck myself. :D

    I've never been in a fight, but I know what myself likes in bed ;)
  13. Somehow it doesn't seem as weird for a girl to want to do herself as it does for a guy.
  14. Especially a hottie like flowerchild.
  15. Tickle fight! We would spend the night grooming each other talking about the girls we want to tickle.
  16. id catch myself offguard during the fucking and beat the shit out of myself. then id fight myself:p

  17. :eek::eek::eek: the thought of being able to have a guitar jam with myself deserves three shocked faces because of the awesomeness it would produce

    i would be in paradise if i could have a guitar jam with myself
  18. Roland U.S. - MICRO BR: Digital Recorder
  19. I would make that asshole clean my room.

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