You may think I'm an idiot for talking about this...

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  1. I've you've read my introduction, you'll see that I'm very new to MJ and I really don't have much experience. So I'm still trying to figure out what to expect. Well anyway, last time I lit up, for a long time I sat there with my friend, listening to ambient music with our eyes closed. Suddenly I realized that my imagination was going insane, and I was seeing images in my mind's eye similar to how people describe Lucy experiences (except obviously, it was nowhere near that immersive, and it wasn't hallucinations, it was just really vivid imagination. It's just that up until then, I always thought those kind of images came to people on hard trips alone).
    Anyway, because I'm such a noob, and I find this rather exciting, I thought I'd share a rather profound image that came to me. I was sitting there, envisioning the earth, floating in space. Then I watched as it began to collapse and split in half. Then, from the inside, there emerged a huge, beautiful flower.
    Now you more experienced gurus probably find this rather commonplace. Or maybe my stuff was just laced with...other stuff. But anyway, I was really excited about that, and in retrospect, I can't help but marvel at the symbolism of that image. And so, I ask you all...
  2. I trip the fuck out when I close my eyes when I'm really baked, for me it feels like my entire head is expanding. It's fun, don't try it while driving.
  3. I enjoy that, but to each is own. The best times of my life is stoned listening to pink floyd!
  4. Just low tolerence because of you being new to it. After smoking almost everyday you start to get used to it
  5. Your imagination goes fucking wild when you're baked. Closed eyed visuals are the shit.
  6. Really dank white berry once made me see faint kaleidoscoping patterns once I closed my eyes.
  7. yea thats just being high as fuck
  8. "When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself."
    -Bob Marley

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