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:: You know you're fucked up... ::

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. ...when you have to edit your own post 4 different times.

    ...when you forget that you're getting stoned.

    ...when you get lost in a thread and have no clue as to what you were going to type but you know it had to be good.

    ...when you keep hearing sirens in the back of your head.

    ...[​IMG]lol.when you edit every elses posts[​IMG][​IMG]c..even worse when no one notices,lol,[​IMG]
  2. LOL!, many times have i found my self in thoes perdickerment
  3. That happens more than i want to admit...
  4. Ok...let me explain the thread. You're supposed to add your own "You know you're fucked up"er's.

    Try again, Mr Sbb!!! :D

    ***You too, Bud Head!
  5. When RMJL has to explain to you how to respond to a thread!! LOL
  6. when youre reading ita and you can relate but have no idea how to make the point that youve during it right now?!!!

  7. haha... lol ;D
  8. you know you're fucked up when one day u find yourself sitting in a pool of your own shit & piss, eating corn flakes and ketchup out of a pint mug whilst masterbating over pictures of your relatives.

    oh, what? wrong kind of fucked up?

    can i pull out the sick shit or what!? mwuhuhu

  9. wanna go out for a drink later tonight? :)
  10. ...when you catch the monky that's been running around in your peripheral vision for a couple days only to find out it's really the Hamburgler, then you eat him.

    ...when you make racecars out of poop and burn cigar butts on your penis (ten points if you know what show I stole that joke from :D)

    ...and most especially when you see Charles Manson sitting on your porch eating froot loops, then you know you're fucked up (stole that one from something too)
  11. When you say "I declare that I shall hence for be known as Shizznit Bibigelsworth" to your dog

    Thats a true story, to this day Im not sure how I came up with the name.

  12. nighthawks?
  13. :: when you fix a plate of food to eat and then go to bed with out eating it ::

    :: when you smoking a joint while rolling another... then you light the second joint before you finish the first one!!!!! ::
  14. ...when youve been on a any post for more than 30 min!
  15. LOL,well said,thats how i feel sometimes
  16. ...when you suddenly get a blackout and when you get your sight back you realise that everything are much darker then before the blackout, and you're sitting there and thinking WTF is happening..
  17. That guy on the left of the picture looks like Sadaam Hussain *LOL*

  18. You have cornflakes in Scotland?? Gee it really is a small world after all.

    Now my input to the original post.

    You are at the check out line at Sam's club and the clerk is pulling your items out of the cart. After she rings up the third giant bundle of bananas (a total of 75 bananas- I later counted) she asks "Gee, you people sure do like bananas" I replied with a very serious demeanor, "We have a pet monkey, he's a pretty old monkey and he chain smokes cigarretes"
  19. you know your fucked up when you.....



  20. oh yeah, you know your fucked up when you forget shit...and you double check the thread, and then accidentallly double post

    but mosre importnatnly

    you know your fucked up when you let a dingus stick a carrot up your ass.

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