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You know youre baked when....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BongRipz420, May 19, 2010.

  1. You know your baked when you can pass out in a crowded theater at an intense action movie! :smoke:

  2. You know you're baked when you smoke cannabis. :smoke:
  3. going to my nearest dispensary and using [​IMG]
  4. You know your baked when you walking into a sliding door.... back up and walk into it agian lmao =P
  5. Heh, me and my friends have a thing outback my house christened the "Blaze Trailer" and whenever someone locks the door i always walk into it and press the handle at the same time so i end up hitting my head on the door lol.

    You know you're baked when you manage to order delivery pizza, forget your ordered a pizza and order another one from a completely different pizza place and be completely confused when the Domino's guy shows up but you ordered from Pizza Pizza only to have the Pizza Pizza guy show up like 2 mins after the Domino's guy.

  6. That is the funniest shit i have heard all day hahahahaha

    you know your baked when you are at a buffet and knock over a huge stack of glass plates, laugh very hard, then just walk away(my friend did this yesturday funniest shit)
  7. hahahaha, nice man. At least you got two pizzas.
  8. You know your baked off this honey sealed backwoods sweet when its half way gone and you can't finish it.
  9. You make the 327489 version of this Thread.
  10. You know your baked when you know your baked when you...know...your......baked..


    I think I'm high :smoking:
  11. ...when you wake up in a Mexican brothel wearing a pink dress and your ass is really sore.

    Just sayin'.
  12. you know you're baked when you forgot there was already a "you know you're stoned when." thread....
  13. You know your baked when you think making this thread is a good idea :smoking:
  14. You know you're really baked when you're the 4th person to make the same "you know you're really baked when you make this thread" joke. :p
  15. I was the first for the record, :hello:.

  16. Haha, in this thread.
  17. ROFL no idea why but i found that really funny.. :smoking:
  18. Wait. What other thread.... So confused, was just bored and thought it would be cool lol.
  19. You know you're back when you feel like "kid cudi's music talks to you"
    Lmao my girlfriend is a hot mess when shes baked lol

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