You know your high when

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Popcorn, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. For me this was after spending about 20 min. Getting my pepperoni all mapped out so the pizza cutter would not hit they.
    20190615_112120.jpg ,
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  2. We the Russians dice the dried flesh before placement

    it makes eating pizza a lotto

    some dried herb would look the part

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  3. To top it off I forgot I made it and now so its sitting on the counter. Wtf
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  4. Lmao alright.

    I’m know I’m chauzed when I start making late night munchies while practicing my ultra ninja silence as to not stir my roommates even tho they are super cool and don’t care how loud I am around the house at any time.

    Haha so dorky
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  5. I’m so overwhelming high on hash caps I can’t sleep. Feels better to move around than sit still.
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  6. For my lady it's when she is running around asking everyone were her glasses are...once I spend 10 min looking for glasses I go looking for her every time I find her bam every time on top of her head or the best one is when they are literally on her face. Hahahahaha
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  7. I do like the arrangement you have going on there, OP :)

    I think it needs more pepperoni!
    like, another 16 pieces...:GettingStoned:

    hope you had a decent pizza cutter on hand.
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  8. You know your high when you wanna copy OP and carefully place ya pepperoni the way he has.

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  9. Meh i like the little pepperoni that pop.
  10. Needed to get a knife and a fork.
    Fucked this up, not once, but twice.
    ...the other variations were:
    Two forks, and a knife.
    Two knives.
    and both times, I was kind of confused about what exactly had happened.
    I'm 37 years old, dammit...I cannot have melted my brain like this already...
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  11. When I walk out the door of the Barbary Coast Dispensary in SF after spending a session in their smoking lounge smoking what will be one of their Holy Grail 24% THC doobies. And since today is t-break day 5, will be doing just that about noon today!

    Yes will be feeling that strong fresh clean buzz I like most. Then as this rock star looking dancing machine walks down the downtown streets will slip on the earbuds out of a little Sandisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 player and select my playlist starting with Guns n Roses, Knockin on Heaven's Door followed by much more classic hard rock. There will be no doubt to anyone I pass by "wow that guy must be high on something!"
  12. You know when you're too high when after you pay at the first window and just keep sitting there waiting on ur McDouble.

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  13. When you go to get a beer . . . out of your sock drawer. :D
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  14. When you accidentally type "Impukses" instead of impulses on a report you're writing on pyromania.

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  15. The calico cat that enjoys hanging around my apartment went to the one across from mine and jumped up trying to hit either the doorknob or the doorbell, wanting inside their apartment. I could not stop laughing for about ten minutes over something that would normally just be eh.
  16. Throw head phones in but forget to hook them up to iPad after 5 min of blasting music wife rolls over n ask ya to turn it down. Pull head phone out your ear n ask her how she hears it?
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  17. Order food at a fast food place pull up to 1st window,pay, drive home and go inside before ya realize ya didn’t stop n get ur food at 2nd window.
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  18. eat an entire cake in one sitting whilst giggling about the sun
  19. Can’t close eyes without holding on to something.
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