You know who I feel sorry for?

Discussion in 'General' started by XPiperX, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. The opium farmers in the Middle East. Poor families, usually, forced by poverty to grow the most durable and highest selling crop.. And sometimes supporting "terrorist". The farmers are victims of the drug dealings between their landowners or tribal elders and various criminal groups for the opium- They are forced to grow it to support themselves or to keep their land, often owned by more powerful people...

    I'm watching a documentary on it on CNN, and I just feel really sorry for these people :(
  2. from what ive heard on the news,,,, the opium crop this year is at record highs.....

    so the farmer is doing good,,,,, :cool:
  3. You know who I feel sorry for?

    Arab-Americans who truly want to get into crop-dusting.
  4. If you feel bad for that feel bad for anyone out hustling to make ends meet.

    Lil kids out sellin crack cuz they mommys a base head who dun give a fuck and they daddy left. Whos gon hire a crack baby at 12 years old? What other choice they got?

    Then they get killed or thrown in jail jus trying to maintian.
  5. no man you cant destroy the crop ???????????? who knows some of that stuff may land in my lap....

    well i got a good bit of weed, and tonights ny last free night to blaze,,,, so here goes,, got my pipe packed,, and im gonna get fried and get ready for my next 100 day break,,:eek:

  6. still on probation?
  7. Haha, no, I think you misunderstood

    Like Middle Eastern-looking people in the U.S. who want to be crop-dusters...they'd need to sign up for flying lessons...
  8. haha oh shit i didn't get that either. clever, and a very good (and sad) point :\
  9. it's tricky,,,,<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>:cool:
  10. QFT. I know a dude who's parents taught him to cook meth when he was nine so they didn't have to, went to prison when he was sixteen, didn't get out till he was 21...
  11. You know who I feel sorry for? Noone.
  12. feel sorry for me; my roommate doesn't get the concept of headphones. Plus, playing the ame 3 bands get sannoying
  13. MAN!! i watched that last night, it was pretty sad.. i can totally understand the farmers growing poppy out there, even though it may be against their religion. some farmers a couple years ago farmed wheat from stuff givin by the gov., and they didn't make hardly anything at all. if they grow poppy, they will make 8 times more than they would have with growing wheat. its insane, that farmers sell their kilos for only $500, but in NY it would be almost 100 grand.. fuckin insane
  14. north koreans think their leader is a thats kinda weird
  15. lil kids sellin crack? here theyd get jacked in a sec
  16. What about the young kids who are forced to make cocaine in South America?
  17. Fantastic. I get neg repped for my opinion.

    I don't feel sorry for anyone because that would mean I am saying I am better then they are. Which I am not.

    Thanks XPiperX
  18. No, it's not- Feeling sorry for someone is having sympathies for someone because of the circumstance they're in.

    I neg repped you because with that post you made it look like you cared about no one but yourself. Btw...

    You fail at backpedal.

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