You know when you fucked up.

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  1. Shit, i do. Personally I'm great in a relationship. Its the friend zone that gets to me. Like these females are gonna go date guys who just gonna treat them like crap, and not consider being with the guy that will treat them the way they should, just cause the female know she won't be happy with that guy that will do the right thing.
    My problem is. I hit below the belt which is fucked up. (I mean verbally) I know its fucked up in every which way, I just can't help it. I'm a good friend. But i will never be that guy friend that stays on the side, while the asshole is around. I do take it to a personal level but hey, fucking with someone's feelings makes it turn into a personal thing.
    I know females don't appreciate the whole turning the shit on them making them the bad one. But I don't plan on making it seem like they're angels either.
    But because I'm like this. I said some fucked up shit to someone I care about. Just cause she knows how I feel but decides to chase either guys. Not give me a chance. Now I ain't no nice guy, but I give someone the respect they deserve. To be faithful and all that. But now I know I fucked up. She don't wanna speak to me again.:eek:
  2. I feel like that if you aren't getting everything out of the situation, then you should drop it. That can go for friends not paying for things, girlfriends not giving you what you need or a girl stringing you along for attention. Sometimes the best thing you can do is burn the bridge and take the lesson with you.
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    Just keep trying man and be yourself. You'll find the right woman and type who sees more to life then getting fucked by guys and drunk, I'm glad I found my woman, no matter how shy, innocent and smart she is, I wouldn't want anybody else ever.

    If you find a girl who you can just talk forever and ever too and agree to everything, go after her because you'll never ever disagree or fight. Sneakily show that you're attracted to HER, her mind and personality no matter how fucking hot she is, (what most guys don't do when building a relationship) then after you get that emotional and mental foundation laid out she will start thinking of laying you out and will be attracted to you in that way. :) Worked for me!

    You're chasing around the wrong woman man, right now you're like one of those bitch girls who always complain about guys but turns down the innocent and caring type so fast. Well at least they don't fuck a new guy every month, cheat on you and/or suck you dry for $$/attention. Good luck to you.
  4. Then i must have a problem, ha.
    I don't turn down innocent, shy, and caring females.
    I prefer to be with that kind of a girl.
  5. If you want to never get friend zoned, make your intentions obvious within the first ten minutes of meeting a girl. Don't apologize for feeling sexual (yes, sexual) feelings for her. She doesn't want to hear that you want to be in a relationship (that's creepy), but if you make it known that you're sexually attracted, she will treat you that way. Don't accept friendship. It's either a male to female relationship, or no relationship at all. Otherwise, you'll be in an endless spiral of friendship, which I can tell you from experience (and you know apparently), aint shit.

  6. Yes! Don't feed her the attention she wants unless she reacts the way you want. Don't do shit for her. Don't answer her messages. Don't listen to her bullshit. Cut her off.
  7. I once heard someone say don't pay for a girl unless you are dating or you are getting something in return. Same goes for attention, affection and drugs.
  8. Hell yeah, words to live by.

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