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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. At the moment, since i finished school. my mates dont call me like they used to, i saw them on there way to town earlier and it really made me sad coz i didnt think any1 was out so i was going to maccyD's and saw them. not even a ring. i havn't been out for the past few nites and you peeps are the only 1's talking to me! anyway , just had to get that off my chest. now im dry AND my mates dont seem to want me around :(

    so you know what? you guys rule so heres a shout out for all of ya!
  2. that happens when you get out of school. you find out who your real friends are. call them and see if they want to hang out and if they keep try to blow you off then fuck them and find other people to hang with.
  3. Out of all us close m8s now days only one is from my old skool, i left a few years ago and im still good mates with my old buds from skool but its jus me n my college mates usually chillin now days. Bottom line this crap happens, jus have a convo with ya friends and ask them y they were bein like that, if they jus start chattin bs then do wot InferiorWang said n tell em 2 fuck off.
  4. yeah, i think i'll just leave it now, as the the other day me and one of my other mates called on them 3 or 4 times they knew it was us but ignored us, just like ya say my few true mates now
  5. lol! i think i was just having one of those days, ive just go together enuf unburnt hash rocks out of my ash to have a good nite and suddenly. none of that seems so bad!
  6. damn that sounds exactly like my situation. it kinda makes me sad but i try not to care cuz im moving back to arizona in 2weeks where my true friends are. and i too am dry. and the next two weeks dont look so good. i have to go to summer school from 12:30 to 4:30. algebra II. it sucks so bad. at night i get all depressed cuz im sober as hell and last night my girlfriend stood my ass up. so i think im just gonna tell everyone to eat a dick and just be alone for the next 2 weeks. maybe it will be good not smoking for the next 2 weeks cuz the first night i get back to AZ on 4th of july im gonna get tore down with some true homies and kick back and watch fireworks. ahhh...i wish i could fast forward time.
  7. i have the same problem.when i got out of school we all went seperate ways.if we would all get back together i think we would find out how different we all are now.its been 13 years since i graduated high school.

    but you make new friends along the way to fit your lifestyle.i didnt smoke weed back then.ih might have from time to time but not like friends would never do i found others.

    life goes on,and is to short,if they give you the cold shoulder,you got a friend here for you. :)
  8. im sorry to hear that
  9. i'm hanging round with one of them again, were building a stelth grom bow out of a speaker(go the idea of here).
  10. I love my friends sometimes I see them too much, 'cos you see I like to be bymyself from time to time, to focus on things and just enjoy taking a walk on the beach and clear my head and stuff but now that I moved to my own flat they just keep coming up from the early morning and jsut hang trough the day and leave at the late evening, smoking weed and drinking and stuff, yeah that's nice but not everyday, Ok? i like all of you etc. but I don't want to see you all the time.

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