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  1. So after I beat Arkham City I was just a little disappointed. Gameplay was great but I was underwhelmed by the story. I would much rather have been able to explore GOTHAM city, not this "arkham city" stuff. I have in my mind awesome ideas for what a third game would be like. I was high last night watching batman TAS (in and of itself a great time) but it got me thinking what my ideal batman video game would be like. Exploring the horrendously dark, gothic, cold (yet beautiful) Gotham city. I was imagining screen shots. I can't even put into words the way I want it to look. If I could draw or do computer graphics I would try to bring it to life, but I can't.

    So all these awesome ideas are trapped in my head, because I dont have the appropriate skills to do anything in videogame design.
    Well I just hope they do a third game. There are plenty of hints in arkham city that suggests they will, so I guess I'll just have to be happy with what they come up with. I'm telling you though, my game would be more overwhelmingly atmospheric. I think there was a lot more atmosphere in Arkham asylum, personally.
  2. I waited forever for that game to come out on PC, and then my pc broke
  3. Lovecraft Arkham > pussy Batman Arkham anyways.
  4. You know what really sucks? They waited a month to release the pc version but DX11 doesn't even work!

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