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  1. grinds my gears? This new restaurant just opened up in town called Asian Cuisine. Just try 'n' figure that one out. ._.

  2. Asian food? Your post confuses me more than "asian cuisine" does.
  3. The origin of the word "cuisine" is French.
  4. I wouldn't want to put you through that. The image of my deflated Walmart bag tits would be eternally burned into your memory D:
    Okay, but the usage of it isn't restricted to French cuisines :p
  6. I like you
    I apologize for my rude response but I didn't know what else to say  :smoking:
  7. asain foods makes my bowel movements runny.
  8. Wow.
    You should write to them and tell them they are wrong for using the word 'cuisine' and they should change their name asap. If they don't, then organize a protest outside their restaurant and I reckon they will cave in. Give them lots of bad reviews online too, just for fun.
    The fucken cheek  *shakes fist*
  9. Do Mexicans work there?
  10. There's, no ham in a hamburger either :0
    And pepperoni is pretty boring too...
  12. I don't like that font/color. Strains my eyes.  :unsure:
    There is a city in Germany called Hamburger though, and that is where they originate from.
    I don't see a problem with naming a restaurant Asian Cuisine. Basically all English words are derived from either French or Old English so if you're naming a restaurant in an English speaking nation it's not that bad to use words that come from the French Language.
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    There were lots of claims of the original, even before that.
    I don't consider a hamburger a genuine hamburger until you slap it between two slices of bread with lettuce, cheese, and tomatoe. 
    That's just me.
    I like mine with lettuce and tomatoes, heinz 57 and french fried potatoes
  16. You put the actual french fries in the burger?
    And I wasn't sure if I should include sauces. I like to have a mix of ketchup and mayo, the combo is just so smooth and delicious. 
    My god I'm so hungry right now...
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    I do sometimes put fries in my burgers but I don't actually like ketchup. I was actually referencing this:

  18. I just read this entire thread.

    wtf :confused_2:
  19. After from reading this thread, I'm just fucking hungry. 

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