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You know what pisses me off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SwiperNoSniping, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. How people think marijuana is the worst known substance in the freaking world, but yet they don't mind about ciggs or alcohol! Marijuana is a plant for heavens sake. Natural
  2. Ain't propaganda a bitch?
  3. Know what pisses me off? People that say that "it's just a plant", "it's totally natural", etc. It has to be one of the worst argument that pro-marijuana people keep believing for some reason. Poison ivy is a natural, organic, plant...burn and inhale that and you're dead. The logic behind the "it's just a plant" argument is backwards. Because it is a plant does not make it safe because not all plants are safe.
  4. Weed is an herb.
    Bush is a Dope.
    Love that quote.

  5. lol i've been thinking this for awhile too

    it's a stupid argument to say it's fine because it's "natural"

    i still think it's not unhealthy but it's definitely not the best for you

  6. I agree. Also, isnt tobacco a plant? But one of the biggest arguments is that pot is healthier than tobacco. There is way too many 100% Organic things that are bad for you. Some will even kill you. Just not a very good argument to use i guess.
  7. Just refer to alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and prescription pills as hard, dangerous, life destructing drugs, because that is exactly what they are.

  8. You're missing a BIG part of the 'its just a plant' argument. The point being made by that is, how can the government possibly make a plant illegal? Sure, poison ivy can give you a nasty rash or cause your throat to close up if it comes in contact with it but it sure isn't illegal.
  9. It's just a plant for heavens sake. Natural

  10. #10 FenceWalker, Jan 15, 2010
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    Because the plant is dangerous, noxious or invasive and a danger to humans or the eco system.

    I agree that this argument about cannabis being "natural" is one of the worst arguments to make, right up there with it's not as dangerous as tobacco/alcohol (you have just argued that tobacco/alcohol should be illegal, not that cannabis shouldn't be).

    Giant Salvinia is a natural plant, illegal federally. Different states have made certain plants illegal, such as water spinach or alligator grass, trying to prevent damage to natural native flora.

    There are plenty of reasons why cannabis shouldn't be illegal. Let's not continue with the "but it's a natural plant" BS because it really does nothing to advance the argument.
  11. As far as I ever thought of it... "Its just a plant" is said implying one word "harmless"... it's just a harmless plant... what people do with it can harm them (smoking is bad for you) but that's not the only way to use it. I think "It's just a harmless plant" is a perfectly solid argument.

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