you know what i can't stand?

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  1. is white people using the word ***** or ******. totally not fucking cool. where did they get the idea that this was ok?

    i'm white. and to be honest i'm embarassed that some of my white friends do this. it makes me really uncomfortable. none of them are racist, but they use it because they think it's funny. it's just like using the word faggot.

    whatever. one day they will fuck up and say it in front of the wrong people and get there shit fucked up. it's like drunk might get away with it a couple hundred times, but that one time you get are gonna get fucked up bad.
  2. I've never really got past the racist connitation it holds.

    I have friends that are all like "hey, sup n***a?" and everytime i just wanna say; "Does it looks like i'm wearing shackles?"
  3. I use it because all the black folk call me white boy. In most cases they could care less what I call them
  4. exactly

    i mean to be honest, i don't think anyone should use the word. but who am i to tell a black person that they can't use it you know?

    i just wish people would stop sucking. world peace is such a simple concept and yet no one can get it through their skulls.
  5. i mean there's always going to be certain people who are going to be ok with you saying it even if they are black, but there's always going to be people who aren't ok with you saying it. just keep yourself in check man.
  6. I dont really think its a big deal. I mean my friends say it but its not like there really raceist there just messin around. I just learned to not take it seriously and really not care.
  7. My AR15 keeps me in check, heh.

    My whole life I've been in public schools in the heart of Minneapolis, and its usually 80% african american. Trust me, they say alot worse shit than "negro". I don't understand why so many people are always afraid of black people. They're just people like anyone else.
  8. yeah that shit is whack man. people are just trying to live. fucking sterotypes and predujices can suck a dick.
  9. yeah, i try to use that word as little as i can...sometimes i slip up and say it.
  10. this is exactly what i'm talking about. one day they are going to offend someone you care about or say it in front of the wrong person and get their shit handed to them. you don't think it's a big deal because you're used to it, but i bet you could think of someone that you wouldn't say it in front of.
  11. well no one's perfect. it's the effort that counts. big ups.
  12. if it's used in that way, I don't have a problem with it, I don't say it just because I dont want to start trouble with someone for something stupid

    I mean....its just a word, it shouldn't be offending unless its used in a descriminating way

    but then again, I could have a different opinion on it if I was black
  13. man, we (white people) can never understand what that word means because we have never been on the receiving end of it.
  14. fuck it, its just a word. while i really dont use it that much, when someone pisses me off it can be a handy fight starter. (i love drunk fighting).
  15. I've received that word alot..
  16. dude, you're not an idiot. yo know there is a HUGE difference between calling a white person a ****** and calling a black person a ******
  17. haha fuck drunk fighting. drunk fighting ruined my life. i've been on probation the last year, and it has costed me over 15 thousand in damamges.
  18. And the difference is? You already quoted me on it.. They're just people like me you and anyone living in China..
  19. i really don't care, i say it in a joking manner sometimes. Or for some reason I talk like a gangster when I am really high, and i'm white as can be :)

    I was smoking with a bunch of black guys once, this was pretty awkward. We were passing around a joint, and it had been slobbered on waaay too much.. when it came around to me I said "Man its cool thats been ****** lipped a little too much". Everyone sort of looked at me, and then we started laughing
  20. Shut the heck up emo kid.

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