You know that black plastic sheeting?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by jango, May 13, 2006.

  1. If one was to build a room using chicken wire for walls, then covering the chicken wire with that black plastic sheeting (the kind they sell for dropclothes or blacking out windows). The sheeting would serve the purpose of seeling the room from light leaks and air leaks. Then one would cover these home-meade walls with reflective mylar. Anyways, if all this was done and had proper ventilation, would this black plastic pose any type of fire hazard?

  2. If your taking in terms of resistance to fire, mylar and poly film both burn pretty quick if exposed to an open flame.
  3. I would just use Panda film. It's black on one side and white on the inside and relatively thick. As for fire proof, not a chance. You set fire to that plastic and it will smoke,melt, and burn like crazy.
  4. That is such a bad idea. I've made black plastic tents and grown in them with flouros with no problems, but one made with chicken wire is going to be horrendous to build and hell to access. Which you'll probably do daily. Have some consideration for yourself, how you're going to build your room and work in it. Everything sounds easy in your head, but once you have everything laid out in front of you its a different story. There's a reason everyone uses easily-cuttable plastic containers and pressboard cabinets from home depot.

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