YOU???? John Kerry's running mate?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ShelMikedMu, Mar 5, 2004.

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  1. explain why you would or would not make a good running mate for Kerry.

    I would make a good running mate for Kerry because I believe in making MJ legal and Kerry is soft on this issue I know I can carry on the fight, and he wouldnt have to. I would be able to take all the heat and he can run the country.

    that is my only issue..what about you?
  2. You make it sould like it would be an easy job. lol
  3. technically the VP job is really just to sit at the head of the senate and only vote when there is a tie. technically thats all the VP job really is (and of course to be in line to take over leading the country should the pres fuck up or die). so as Kerry\'s VP, I know i could spend lots of time trying to get our glorious weed legal.

    PICK ME MR KERRY PICK ME!!!!!!! (I know you\'re reading this, John)
  4. john kerry sucks
    he flip flops

    voted FOR NAFTA (which is super shitty in my book)
    and foted AGAINST gay marriage (which shouldn\'t even be a political issue, but that fact that it IS a political issue is easily broken with the words \"human rights\")

    nader or green ticket all the way

  5. But it comes down to, who would you rather have as president,
    John Kerry or four more years of Bush? Nader isn\'t even in it.
    There is no way Nader will win the presidency, so I see him as
    a spoiler.

    And don\'t say that it\'s my attitude keeping him out of the
    White House. The political reality is that he\'s never going to
    be president. If we all voted for Nader, and by us I mean
    liberals, Bush would get in again.

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