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You havent lived...till you live for something worth dying for,,,, [ weed related ]

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. HOW FAR WILL THE PUBLIC BE PUSHED?,,,,the prisons are full of people on drug charges,

    why?.....drugs of a illegal stance are only illegal so the pharmacutical companies make thier money.....

    prohibition lasted 13 years,,,,and was abruptlly ended,, yet the criminalization of marijuana,,,,,continues,,,,

    every time ive been busted for weed, i look at te cop with a smart-ass attitude, telling them '' OH YOU DID A GOOD JOB DIDNT YOU,,, YOU CAUGHT ME WITH A PLANT.. A NATURAL PLANT THAT IS PRODUCED BY THE EARTH''.

    the cops bust your doors down... [ you aint free] .. they raid drug houses,,[ you aint free]

    has anyone ever put a gun to someones head and said '' you will take these drugs'' FUCK NO''

    and why even call my plant a drug,,? you dont call a fuckin ear of corn a drug!!!!

    it's a fuckin plant just like corn is,, it has theraputic advantages,,, it is a relaxer. of the human mind,,,

    as is a lot of prescripition drugs,,, fuck the drug companies,, just because they have lobbiest's in washington fighting for thier cause,,, and the ones fighting for our cause are laughed at,,,,,

    ..and washington is so screwed up..... it's allmost a daily occurance that your hearing of some corruption out of washington.....

    ...i allmost look forward to ww111....so we can be wiped back to the stone age,,, where true men will live,,, and lesser men will die,,,,,

    but this system we are now under will be gone,,,,i dont need a f-kin grocery store to eat.....i dont need no f-kin electricity,,,,nor do i need running water,,,

    ..im so pisseed at some m-fer telling me that my plant,,, is illegal....teling me that because they wear a badge that they are next to god....

    would you fight for your plant,?

    would you fight for what you believe in.?

    these activists for weed aint doing shit in my book.....it's time for all out force,,,,,

    when thier are thousands in a '' gathering'' for weed and everyone is puffin what do the cops do?
    they watch idially at the sidelines,,,,,,

    if my brothers in the APPALACHAIN MOUNTAINS'' were doing a kill a cop.... anytime they come on the mountain to find a growers garden,,,,,

    id back them 100%.........cops kill civilians for some of the stupidist reasons,,, why not make a stand for something you believe in,,, and take some of them down?:cool:
  2. If you cant accept thats the way it is right now, then move somewhere that its legal?

    (dont get me wrong, i would LOVE for weed to be legal :smoking:)
  3. don't worry, chicken, i;m well on my way to world domination.
    and then... GROW-OPS GALORE!

    but no.
    in all seriousness..
    you speaketh the truth.
  4. i feel you chicken. no one should be able to tell us what we can and cannot grow/smoke.

    fuck now I feel like growing me a big pot field
  5. if i had a more significant grow right now, id definetly put up a fight.
    and im pretty sure it would feel good and completly right.
  6. i have a feeling that OP is a good speaker

  7. He's saying fucking do something. Don't be another spineless brainwashed american following every lie the government spews out.... Believing everything the authority tells you... Questioning nothing except what contradicts your beliefs.... Bunch of pussies now a days...

    Stand up for yourself and what you believe in....

    There was a line I heard a long time ago that I never forgot....
    "I would rather die standing on my own two feet, than live on my knees...."
  8. Don't worry chicken, if this country keeps going on the track it is at right now then I think you will start seeing more and more Americans reclaiming their balls and standing up for what we won from the British so long ago. The government can only take your hard earned money away and give it to the rich for bailouts for so long before people start rising up.

    Your tax dollars get sent to Israel to help fight a religious war that shows no signs of stopping and mirrors the horrible attrocities we committed against the Native Americans. Your rights are constantly hanging on a wire and your own government seems to view habeas corpus as nothing more than something they can bend to your own will and the Constitution as something they can wipe their ass with.

    Each day the government spends sowing war and destruction over seas while prohibiting the actions of its own citizens, then more and more people will start to come around.

    Don't worry chicken, while I may not put my life on the line for a plant, I sure as hell will to see proper order restored to the people of this country, instead of letting it rest with some omnipotent hydra of a government.

    I'll stand with you chicken when the day comes.

  9. yeah i could do that MOVE SOMEWHERE THAT IT'S LEAGAL''

    thus interupting my life,,, and adjusting to a new area,,,,,

    it's a fuckin plant.....im gonna uproot my whole life for a fuckin plant?

    look at the idiocy of doing that?

    the plant should be of no issue as far as the law is concerned,,,,,

    do you realize the money that goes into '' COUNTY COFFERS'' over a weed related incident?

    one joint will cost you 1500.00$ when you get done with ''fines.classes.restitution.court costs, e.t.c.''

    it aint nothing but a money thing to the powers that be,,,,,

    i guess you have to be busted as many times as i have to really get pissed off....... at the issue over a fuckin plant.

    ..and i think that cocaine should be no issue neither,,,

    nothing should be illegal,,,,as far as so called '' drugs'' goes....

    in germany thier is no drinking age,,, and they dont have d.u.i. wrecks everywhere,,,,,

    if i was a millionare to where i didnt have no issues of money..... yeah i would live where it wasnt criminalized to have or grow weed....

    and i'd be a happier person than i am today...

    because each day i wake up to this oppression it pisses me off....:cool:
  10. I agree with you chicken and foop!

    Don't worry, if gov keeps doing this bullshit then people will get fed up with it.
    same with the honest cops.

    If you watch the movie, American Drug War. Our own gov is senting drugs to our cities. We get busted then they sent that same shit back to the streets.

    That how we can get drugs so easily, if they never do that kind of crap then it would been hard to find drugs.

    I am fed up with this shit! I think it's time to get our America back to 1700s! ;)
  11. fuck the drug war

    fuck the drug czar

    let's do some drugs!!!
  12. the problem is this '' WHAT WASHINGTON SAYS,,, ALL STATES WILL COMPLY ''

    if the individual states had the right to legalize all sorts of '' now'' illegal activities....

    such as prostitution, [ legal in nevada] weed should be a state right to make it legal or not,,,, california has some very laxed laws when it comes to weed,

    i believe the american public has been '' LAWED'' to where we are in a corner,,,,,

    damn near everything is against the law....

    ..i mean there are some laws of '' human nature'' that are just such as phediphiles....

    and rape and murder,,, e.t.c.

    but to criminilize a pot plant come-on.......this is really silly in my book....

    but it's going to take more than a march on washington to make a point,,,,

    it's going to take bloodshed,,,,,and i dont mind blowing a cops head off ,,, if he's there to chop down my plants,

    fuck a cop:cool:
  13. well what the heck are you doing to get caught so often? geeez, gotta learn how to keep it on the d-l! :p
  14. America isn't going to be top dog for much longer chicken, not with all the enemies we're making around the world and all the bridges we're burning. Our government just needs to get knocked down a few pegs. Each and every day that these issues and crisis' are piling up, the more and more the american public starts to question not only the people in charge but also the entire infrastructure of our government.

    The american public is growing restless and tired each and every day. If you want change, you need to rise up and seize it, instead of putting your faith into your already corrupt governing body.
  15. So what you saying is you would die for weed?
  16. I'd stand up ready for everything. If we all marched the whitehouse and smoked a bunch of weed and stood up for marijuana and didn't take no shit. Then we might actually make some progress. With all the stoners there they'd have to do something about it. I'm not talking stay there 1 day and bounce. A bunch of potheads standing there for a week would seriously fuck shit up. Think of all the money they would lose cause no one went to work. They can't beat us.

  17. For an example, the perscription drug "Digitalis" comes from the foxglove plant, and "aspirin" comes from the bark of a willow tree. Plants can be drugs. Not just weed.

    And for your information, I completly agree with you.

  18. I think someone would be pretty stupid to give their life just for the smoking of a plant.... More like giving your life for the restoration of liberty, and smoking pot just happens to fall under that.

  19. thats a good f-kin question.........let me explain a little.....

    ...in this piss ass area i live in the law will pull you over for a taglight being out,,,,,,

    and that '' ALLWAYS'' leads to a '' volunteer'' or a drug dog '' hitting'' your vehicle,,,,,

    a simple taglight being out will eventually lead to a all out search of your vehicle......

    maybe i overexaggerated about myself,,, ive been busted about 4 times,,,, but i only hang with people who smoke weed....

    and thier stories like mine are amazing at the level the law goes to to bust a mo-fo..

    ..the law could give a shit less if you dont have a seatbelt on...or your tag-light is out... or that your speeding,,,, e.t.c.

    they want to search your vehicle.... which in my book is bullshit if my taglight is what you pulled me over for....

    the law thinks it is god-allmighty,,, too much power they have,,,,, and power they abuse,,,,,,

    i live in a hick area......and these cops here can suck the snotty end of my fuckpole.....:cool:

  20. thats exactlly where im coming from......

    my liberties are being destroyed a lot of them....

    but the pot plant is where i draw the line,,,,,

    i'd fight for my liberty to blaze in the morning or whenever i want to......

    and i would not hesitate to meet force with force,,,,,,

    when the probition officers raided the moon-shine stills on the mountains of kentucky,,,

    they were met with bullets,,,,,,, only pussies hold signs,,,,,,

    real men meet force with force....:cool:

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