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You have to try this!

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by weedidas, May 5, 2009.

  1. Especially if you have a vaporizer, but it works with smoking to.

    CHAMOMILE HERB! aka the tea. Alone or mix it with weed.

    That's right, vape or smoke some chamomile, even great if you mix it 50/50 with weed. The high is quite different, the weed seems to compliment it's effects and its even more relaxing. Chamomile alone is quite nice to, very soothing and has a glow/euphoria type feeling. I just vaped some and i feal so chill and happy, no anxiety or paranoia, even has somewhat of a mild weed high feeling.

    SO GO RAID YOUR MOMS KITCHEN AND GET SOME CHAMOMILE (tea) and get vaping.:hello: Been at it a while but just found this site with some info on it. Vaporizer Information Resource Forum :: View topic - Medicinal uses of combining MJ with Chamomile
  2. hmm I have to try this.

    Can you buy it at any store? and can you smoke it as opposed to vaporizing?
  3. Ya you can its a common tea very nice to drink. Ive tried smoking green tea it was kinda good
  4. Interesting....

    Don't buy any, though; the shit grows everywhere, and doesn't take long to dry.
  5. can you just drink the tea and smoke a bowl? :confused:
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    You can get it at any store like walmart, target, grocery stores, etc. May as well buy it so you know what you're getting. Only costs about 5$ for a box of 20-30grams.

    You can, but it won't have the same effect, it's stronger if you smoke or vape it and acts as a carrier for the weed as well.
  7. so can i just go into my cabinet, rip open a chamomile tea bag. and mix it 50/50 in a bowl?
  8. Just smoked 2 bowls of cham tea and it was quite nice. Nice relaxed carefree feeling, goes well with bud.
  9. it may be a good idea to use organic chamomile
  10. thats wierd. so just like rip open a tbag and smoke that shit?
  11. how does it taste
  12. Tastes decent, it burns a little but not bad. I also have pepperment but i have yet to give it a good try. All i want is wormwood but its so damn hard to find
  13. Hey man i was wondering, in down to my last bit of weed its like .2 of some dank. Im wondering if i could open up a t bag and load up a bowl of chamomile and put the last bit of my weed on top and smoke that. Also i dont have a vape so would a bong be good?
  14. yea man hit that shit! and tell us how it goes

    i don't have any chamomile now but i got some green tea im gonna mix with bud and smoke at like 10
  15. lol to anyone who thinks this works.
  16. Does it work with any tea or does it hav to be this Chamomile tea? Cuz my cousin talks about smoking tea all the time but ive never heard him mention chamomile before.
  17. I'm gunna go buy some chamomile tomorrow then try this shit out.
  18. Ha this sounds like a good idea i'm gonna rip some in my illadelph tonight late night with some haze i have left...
  19. Chamomile tea is an herbal tea, so there isn't any actual tea leaves in it, so most likely it's different from any tea your cousin talked about smoking.
    Personally, I like drinking chamomile tea before bed, it definitely helps with the winding down and going to sleep. Not sure if I wanna try smoking it or not.
  20. Okay, first of all im not doing this to get super ultra stoned. Im doing it cause im bored and waiting for my paycheck.
    Anyways,, Just got some green tea. Supposively in asia people smoke this shit like crazy its the norm. I mixed it with chamomile and im gunna try it out tomorrow

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