You Have To See This Vid

Discussion in 'General' started by BigSmoker, May 8, 2006.

  1. Hahaha, i love it..we should make a custom one for GC lol
  2. that would be the shit :hello::smoke:
  3. Haha thats some pretty funny shit man!:laughing:
  4. + rep. Yay for a funny video and great find :)
  5. thanks for the rep:hello::smoke:
  6. Maybe have a GC one like those old anti-drug videos... the dangers of using GC the wrong way...
  7. i had seen it before lol, it was still funny though haha
  8. HAHA....what a great find!! and to whoever said it....AGREED....GC totally needs one of these!!
  9. that is the greatest idea i have ever herd is there anyone on here who could do it
  10. glad to see so many people seeing it for the first time. as soon as i herd the music i closed it, I dotn think i could sit through it for a 3rd time. Its pretty old and very funny with great info but if people would just read the rules....arg........

    have you guys seen the emo one?
  11. no i have not seen the emo one

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