You have ONE wish.

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  1. I know this is often a misunderstood question, but not that I'm STONED it is so much more than just a question. If you could change one thing in the world with just one wish, what would you change?
    World hunger?
    A different government?
    No war?
    Total peacefulness?

    Go into depth and really trip me out! I don't care how stupid you may think you sound, let me hear it!!!
  2. I would wish for the universal application of the non aggression principle.
  3. I wish I knew everything, the absolute truth
  4. World peace?
  5. It's a solution for almost everything there that you listed.

    Racism and sexism aren't solvable no matter what, people will always think whatever they want to.
  6. That capitalism would be allowed to truly thrive.
  7. I wish life was like the show cowboy bebop. Life in space, lawlessness, all the good stuff.
  8. hard to choose just one...if world peace would count as every human on earth being friendly to one another then id pick that, but if not, then world hunger

  9. i think ur head will explode from so much info
  10. Total peacefulness would probably come at the cost of not having a freedom to opinion, no poverty and hunger would severely reduce the ambition to excel to full capabilities for students and workers, no war gives governments the freedom of doing whatever they want with their population (consider the holocaust), a different government would most likely seem as corrupt as our current governments to the public eye, except they would be less qualified. My choice would have to be to change racism and sexism, creating an equality for everyone. This would slowly but surely solve all the problems listed above, without creating any drastic ripple effects in the process
  11. that I didn't have to wish for anything.

    is that a paradox though? :smoking:
  12. Wish for more wishes of course. ;)
  13. world peace is a good one.

  14. We would multiply like rabbits and explore the universe

    Sounds frightening
  15. If I could know the absolute truth but I had to die 10 minutes later, I'd be down for that
  16. That would work for me. I would go onto a news channel immediately and spread the word. They can't kill us all!

  17. assuming people would believe this cooky nut whos spouting random life facts on the television :p
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    My wish is peace and calm in the word.
  19. I'd wish for the end of the world, any wish for peace would be overpowered by the corrupt, greedy, and violent nature of man..

    Nah I'd give world peace a shot :smoke:

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