You have $100 to spend.. on what?

Discussion in 'General' started by i_hate_my_boss, Feb 13, 2009.

    1. weed
    2. hooker
    3. new piece (bubbler/spoon)
    4. save it

  1. These days, you almost HAVE to save it.
  2. In a time of such recession, a penny saved is a penny earned.
    Doesnt take a kite to get struck by lighting.
  3. Take 25$ buy some beer/weed/food. Then save 75$. Thats what I would do. Having some satisfaction for some hard earned money is a need for me.
  4. Invest in civil strife.
  5. Save, buy drugs, profit..

    It isn't calculus..
  6. I can get two hookers for a hundred bucks. At prices like these you can't afford not to call. :D
  7. $100 to SPEND, people, SPEND...
    Of course if I had a hundred to spare Id save it. But for the sake of this thread...

    Carton of smokes: $30
    Case of beer: $20
    Eighth: $40
    Blowjob: $10
  8. 8th of decent weed:$40
    sex: $50
    having to ask somebody else how to spend your money: priceless.
  9. Money on sex. Come on it ain't that hard to get a girl.
  10. Yeah no joke man...

    The day I pay for sex (directly) is the day I kill myself. Just throwin that out there.

    And if you REALLY HAVE to spend it, Weed. Why are you asking?
  11. Agreed..if you're paying for sex, chances are she's so disgusting I wouldn't be able to nut.

    I don't understand how people can fuck hookers..
  12. I have a job that I can keep, because its a family business. So I would probably buy a 100 sack because I only have 3 grams right now of some white rhino. I would save the rest of my money but just spend this 100 haa.
  13. I just got 2k from Pell grants and I think I did pretty good.

    New haircutting shears- $300
    CHI Flat Iron (hair straightener)- $100
    Hair Products to go with said straightener- $40
    Dinner with my boyfriend $40

    And I've still got a little less than a grand to go visit my family in GA with, so I'm doing really well.

    I needed most of that stuff, other than the pills. I'm a hairstylist, and the products, tools and scissors we use are not cheap by any means. I spent $300 on the CHEAPEST ones on the site. I've seen pairs go for $1,000.

    But I would probably buy weed with it if I was in this situation.
  14. I'd probably buy a bowl with it, or put it towards a tube.
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  16. 100 bucks is like one trip to the grocery store.
  17. If I had a hundred bucks that I could afford to spend, I'd snag an 1/8th for $40, and then maybe spend the remaining $60 on a piece (bong, fat steamroller, etc).

    But if I had that kinda money nowadays, I'd just save it. Fuckin broke, even though I gots a job. :mad:
  18. im just gonna buy an 8th of white widow for $40
    maybe buy chinese food
    and save the rest.

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