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you guys think in the future people will look back at cannibus like we look at Poppys

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RetarrrdedTexas, May 9, 2011.

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    in the early 1900's everyone got addicted to opium, they thought it was good for you.. and they were halfway right.. we use products of the opium poppy all the time, every prescription pain medication basically.. but then there's the addiction.. and because of the addiction they synthesized "heroin," it was supposed to be there "heroin" to save them from the addiction they had unknowingly caused by abusing the hell out of opium/morphine/the other opiates the poppy plant produces completely naturally... basically they didnt understand cross tolerance... didnt know that when they made heroin, they couldnt just switch, and the addiction be gone... instead they made it worse.

    you could buy heroin out of the sears catalog, no joke.

    so... since we've figured out now, pot of course, isnt as bad of an addiction as opium/hydrocodone/codeine/morphine/heroin.. or at least we THINK we know that...

    also wanted to add, i smoke pot for it's medical benifits (fixes my depression/anxiety) but i cant sit here and lie and say that pots not a negative thing, because it is.. but depression is definitely a negative thing, and if i can fix it with pot, then that's good... but if i didnt need pot for it, as in, if the other medications worked.. then i wouldnt smoke pot... as much.

    do you think that in say 200 years there gonna look back and think man... pot wasn't really that great of an idea... or do you think it's gonna go the opposite way?
  2. We are far more wise now than we were back then. There is no comparison.

  3. No.. We aren't.
  4. Pot isn't a negative thing...

  5. It can be. Don't spread propaganda.

  6. neither is the opium poppy... in some ways... but it DID hold alot of people back..
  7. I think they will look back on weed and compare it to alcohol. Meaning, that they made alcohol illegal but it did not change much of anything. People still used it. Weed was made illegal and people use it and will continue to use it.
  8. i dont want anyone to think im anti pot, just wanna make that clear....

    i just wonder if we're doing it wrong.

    i guess really the best answer is it just needs to be treated like medicine, and sure it's fun as hell, so i mean why not toke up, it DOES open your mind, that's for sure.. it's one of those things you gotta walk a fine line with i guess.. sometimes people i guess "need" the addiction.. to learn from..
  9. In the end, the universe tends to unfold as it should - Harold & Kumar GTWC

    I don't know why I post it here. But I'm so stoned and I was watching this movie 10 min. ago and for some reason I thought that this quote would fit in this thread.

  10. Well, I don't know exactly what your problem is, but it's you can't deny that we are far more advanced than we were in 1900. Since then, several studies, tests, trials, etc. have taken place and all that data has been compiled and studied, and there have been meta-analyses and peer-review and constant experiment reproduction.

    The self-correcting nature of the scientific method has been the only reason we have gained so much technology and knowledge in such a short period.

    You made a claim, but any unbiased observer can see that the evidence doesn't support you. If you can show me definitive evidence that we haven't gained in knowledge and technology since the early 1900's, I will gladly change my opinion in order to make it consistent with the evidence.

    Thanks for replying though.
  11. Imagine how many people started smoking weed at the age of 18 or so, in the 60's...

    50 years later... And no evidence of REAL HARM.

    And yeah, humans have been using weed since the beginning of time, that was just an example :smoke:

  12. oh that's for sure, but that goes for all drugs... what's crazy is we have pharmaceutical versions of almost all the "illicit drugs"

    adderal is amphetamine salts.. meth.. is methylated amphetamine salts (methyl group makes it cross the blood brain barrier quicker) we also even have a pharma version of actual Methamphetamine.. it's called Desoxyn

    for the opiates of course there is codeine/hyrdocodone/hydromorphone/oxycodone/morphine/methadone

    stuff from the valarium root are valium, xanax, klonopin

    cocaine, well there's really nothing on the market for cocaine.. they used to use it for a local anesthetic however

  13. well of course we are more technologically developed.. but we still fight wars, we still have world wide famine, i mean sure we've made leaps and bounds in some areas, but in some areas we're farther away from good... for example look at what we've done to our planet.. that's definitely something we did better in the past..

  14. this is a good point, but technically, if you never ran out of heroin, and didnt sell yourself or choose food over your drug, and share needles.. heroin really wouldnt kill you any quicker.. it's not the heroin that kills you (in fact you make natural morphine, for pain control, in your brain, they occupy opoid receptors, creates the "joggers high" or the high "cutters" experience) it's the malnutrition, withdrawal, IV misuse that kills people..

    but yeah, i get your point.. pots obviously the lesser of the evils..
  15. no offence to anyone, but this thread is full of fail. I cba with explaining though, goodnight.
  16. Well everything has the opportunity to be bad... I'm not saying pot is like completely harmless and shit, jsut saying that it's only a negative if you make it such.

  17. how are we not?

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