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You Guys Buy Weed At Fucked Up Prices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fluke, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Seriously, I see some of you saying you buy pot-bud for like 80 bucks a 1/4 and like 400 for the whole ounce, whick is fucked up! Here, a quarter of good black bart will only set you back 25 smackers, 100 for an ounce, 1600 a pound, etc. And a 1/4 of some of the absolute best poo (like white widow or something) would be 35 for 1/4. I('m in Arkansas, in case your wondering.

  2. Well I consider those fucked up prices. Everythings cheaper in the south.
  3. hahahahah.. poo..

  4. What kinda trees you pick up for 45 an o? Can you snap a picture for me? Thanks man.

  5. not where i am in the south. an 1/8 of good shit is 60 and an ounce is 420. now i call that fucked.
  6. You have to realize that money's value is different across the country. In places where people make more money, and the economy is bigger, bud costs more, etc.
  7. $15 gram
    $50 1/8 ounce
    $90 1/4 ounce
    $160 1/2 ounce
    $300 ounce'

    this is some of the dankest bud you will ever see, prices are higher for other people, i get hooked up cheap

  8. thats true... prices around here are pretty average, abot $10 a gram, $40 an 8th and so on... but if i travel about 45 minutes south to Marin the prices go up a shitload, even sodas cost more there. but its more like $20+ a gram, and almost $80 and 8th. pretty crazy how it changes from place to place.
  9. It's all about the Cost of Living value.

    Somewhere in Idaho you could live comfortably with $10,000 a year.

    You could live similarly in Philly with about $80,000.

    So naturally, weed would be alot cheaper in whatever city that is in Idaho.

    And I would assume thats why prices are different in different places.

    Although I don't see how people can get dank weed for $100 an ounce. If it takes the same ammount of time and effort to grow good weed anywhere in the US, how can people afford to sell it so cheap? How are they making a profit.

  10. Same prices in Florida....

    and I think anyone who says they are buying an oz for $50 is buying what comes out of my ass....or they are just lying :) (if they live in the USA - out here in Switzerland I can get $7-9 grams of amsterdam weed)
  11. yes but people dont realize, what is considered good bud in some places is not held so high in others. maybe your getting it so cheap because your "chronic" is the "best" of someone elses bunk.

    not saying it is for sure, but you never know.

  12. i agree
  13. you guys have the cheapest shit! around the north shore of chicago, it's $20 grams and $60 eighths, but the weed we get is just fantastic, we were voted like best weed for our town by high times one year


    LOL. Philly is the bomb, but you're not going to have to make $80K a year to live there (that's more like certain parts of NYC).

    Around here (just out side-a philly) dank usually goes for:

    gram: 10-15
    1/8: 40-60
    1/4: 80-110
    1/2: 150-200
    OZ: 200-400+
  15. Gotta love Philly. Im about 15 minutes outside of the city and I pay 45 for an eigth of dank. I once got an Oz of mids for 70, but that was a rare occasion.
  16. A friend of mine from Long Island and Myself (from Upstate NY) were discussing the HUGE price discrepancies between the respective markets.
    Here I can expect to pay $35 for an 1/8th of good weed (not GREAT, but very good). He was explaining to me that one can expect to pay almost double that in some areas of LI, and that in Harlem it is currently so dry that prices are even higher.
    I have friends who bought 1/8th of Diesel for $90 (now THAT is absurd) and also bought Ounces of MexiBrick for the same price. It is all relative.

  17. Yeah, that sounds like it is around here. I'm about 15 mins outside the city myself. Ever hear of Levittown?
  18. Yeah I've heard of Levittown.

    I live in Bucks County, in the suburbs called Southampton.
  19. That's cool. We're not too far apart. I'm in southern Bucks, down by Langhorne, Bensalem, Bristol, etc.
  20. man i hoped this thread died ages ago...but its back!

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